It has come to this….

Decoy Jews Needed!

Netherlands: Use ‘Decoy-Jews’ to fight antisemitism

If it would be up to Ahmed Marcouch, violence against Jews would be handled by sending in so-called ‘decoy Jews’. in Europe

The PvdA parliament member responded on BNR Nieuwsradio to reports that Jews in some Amsterdam neighborhoods don’t dare go out with a kippah.

Marcouch said the problem was serious and unacceptable. He wants the police to act decisively against perpetrators of antisemitic violence. “I think that you should do everything to get those bastards, those tormentors, those criminals.”    Read more »

Obama: Israel’s Right to Self Defense Must be Investigated

The SF supervisors want Israel to take their beating by the Gaza flotilla “peace activists” with more grace and humility. Make sure no gay & lesbians are left behind!

This past weekend, Israel yielded to world pressure and convened a panel to investigate its decision to defend itself from a Turkish terrorist invasion, granted, one in which the terrorists chose to hide themselves among the useful (humanitarian) idiots. The White House has called this an “important step forward.”   by Phyllis Chesler

Islamic world thinks Obama is not jumping high enough

Not just “How high?” but “How fast?” A poll shows that the Islamic world wants Obama to back up his sympathetic and friendly words with actions. It isn’t easy to turn the ship of state that quickly, but Obama is doing his level best. “Islamic world confidence in Obama is slipping: poll,” from Reuters, via JW

Chicago Gangster Methods

Biden: if you don’t hand over the loot we’ll take it from you!

Obama’s oil disaster speech draws fire, even from allies

Gateway Pundit

58 Days Later Obama Pledges to Mobilize “Greatest Military in World” to Combat Gulf Oil Spill

Two vacations, a half dozen parties, and several rounds of golf later, Barack Obama finally committed the US military to assist with horrible disaster.

Obama supports the needy:

Dodd-Linked Casino Owners Given $54 Million in Stimulus Cash

The Indian Tribe that runs a Connecticut casino earning $1 Billion-Plus Per Year got a fat government check.   ABC News reported:

The Truth: White House Is Extorting Cash From BP to Create “Pot of Money For Themselves” (Video)

Shocker. Obama Justice Nominee Says 9-11 Was “Not an Act of War

Anti-Israel propaganda in Canuckistan:

Rubin Reports: Here’s an example of the insanity and profound anti-Israel bias currently gripping mass media.” Honest Reporting


Messiah to a godless, heathen nation
Imam of the left wing radicals
Savior of the Green cultists
Supporter of illegal aliens

William Ayers - Rev. Wright
Farrakhan - Tony Rezko
Just a few of Obama Bin Laden associates.

Comments on Obama:

What do you expect? The more you give them, the more they demand. Islam is the Moloch of our modern times. But if you set limits, they’ll get wary and show the white feather. The only language they understand is the language of strength and rigidity. Obama obviously chose the wrong strategy. Too bad for him. Too bad for all of us…..

Hugh Fitzgerald:

With Secretary of Defense Robert Gates blaming the E.U.’s failure to welcome Turkey for that country’s perfectly predictable, and long-in-the-coming (and well-announced in advance) Retrun to Islam, and with John Brennan, Special Advisor on Terrorism to the President, making a speech beyond belief, in its uriah-heepishness, to Muslim diplomats, about how simply wonderful he, John Brennan, had found the Arab countries and, of course, his favorite city, “Al-Quds,” and with so many others prepared to accept the Arab and Muslim view not only that there is a “solution” to the Jihad against Israel (that “solution” merely being, in the Arab and Muslim view, one more way-station on the path to ultimate victory over the Infidel nation-state of Israel), and with the Obama Administration giving awards to troops in Afghanistan for holding their fire in order, it is believed, to win hearts and win minds that cannot in the end be won, for they are Muslims, and we, they know, are Infidels, and with the continued refusal to grasp the full extent of Pakistan’s rapacity and Pakistan’s treachery — with all this, I don’t think the Arabs and Muslims have cause for complaint. But complain, of course, they will, no matter what they are given, what demands are met, for by complaining they hope and expect to get more, and more, and ever more. And so they do. They cannot be satisfied, because the demands that Muslims make on the world’s non-Muslims are without end, and cannot be satisfied — not without all of Dar al-Harb becoming incorporated into Dar al-Islam. But do you think Robert Gates, or John Brennan, or any of these others now spending trillions in Afghanistan as trillions have been spent in Iraq, have any real idea of what Islam inculcates, of what is the natural worldview, the attitudes, of Muslims, of what are the natural atmospherics of societies suffused with Islam?

That would take a knowledge of history. That would take a knowledge of Islam. That would take a knowledge of men and events across time and through space. That would require imagination, whose muscles are made only through its exercise, or through reading to strengthen the muscles of that imagination. Does Gates, does Brennan, do any of them, strike you as cultivated men, as great readers, for whom history and literature has significance — a little more, say, than the world of business or sports or political infighting and climbing the assorted greasy poles of pathetic power that Washington (and the “private sector” too — the goddam “private sector” that these boys go to in-between stints in “public service” when they feel — and they so often feel– that they have to make “real money”).

God, what a galere.