Jihad Against Fashion

In Islam, women are free to chose Islamofashion……

Slow day for Muslim outrage: Muslims find “Christian fashion show” to enrage them

Remember: Muslim spokesmen and their useful idiots in the West keep telling us that “women should be free to chose the burqa”. Unfortunately, this freedom of choice doesn’t apply to those who chose not to wear the freedom sack:

The fashion show was “Christian” in the sense that it was held in a Christian village. Hamas would make sure that Christians would abide by Islamic Sharia norms. “Wherever there are Christians there’s moral decline.”

Sharia Alert: “Christian fashion show angers Muslims,” from the Irish Sun, via JW

From the Religion of Peace:

Chechan Police Shoot Paintballs at Uncovered Women…

Sudanese Moral Police Detain Models after Fashion Show…

Earth Times

Nairobi/Khartoum – Sudanese religious guardians briefly detained 25 amateur models, designers and make-up artists in the capital Khartoum last week, according to local media reports Tuesday.

“I’m too sexy for my Shiite…”

The incident took place after the Sudanese Next Top Model Show in the city. Police were call on to intervene in the “unislamic” event where men and women were seen together in public, according to Radio Miraya.

Local artist Rashid Diab criticized the police action. There was nothing immoral about a fashion show, he told the radio station, adding that such incidents was a hindrance to creativity in Africa’s largest country, whereIslam is the dominant religion.

Over the last year, officials from the country’s vice squad have arrested several young women for wearing trousers. Courts have handed down sentences to lashes for “immoral” attire.

The incidents have attracted international interest, especially since a Sudanese journalist working for the United Nations was among those arrested.

International runways feature several Sudanese models, including Alek Wek and Ajak Deng.