KLM Gays & Women Refuse to Fly to Iran

KLM Wants to Send Its Gay Flight Attendants To Iran

I would be much more sympathetic if they came out in support of Geert Wilders……


If you’re a gay flight attendant for KLM airways, you better get comfortable with the idea that your company may send you to a location where you could be beaten, imprisoned, or even killed. All with the apparent blessing of the company.

No more exeptions:

“KLM has already allowed a number of stewardesses not to serve on flights to Iran because ‘unpleasant things happened to them there,’ but the company says it cannot make any more exceptions. No further changes will be made unless it becomes really unsafe for personnel,” reported Radio Netherlands.

The Gay Rights Lobby is up in Arms…..

Here you can follow the chatter on flyertalk….