KRudd for Crumbs, Knirps for Moisture….


KRudd leaves the building, leaves vegie patch and chooks behind….. remember Michelle Obama’s vegie garden? The PR seed Michelle planted in his brain?

Andrew Bolt

KRudd refuses to go

The lack of awareness is typical, but still stunning:

Kevin Rudd twice asked Julia Gillard to give him a frontbench job – but his political future has been put on ice by the new Prime Minister until after the election …

Mr KRudd had wanted to immediately take the Foreign Affairs ministry. Ms Gillard urged him to “spend more time with his family” …

Graham Richardson: I have never come across such loathing towards a leader before…..

Tim Blair:

LODGE LEFT: KRudd’s farewell

Can’t we just get on with  a  spin-less, Krudd-less Australia?

5 thoughts on “KRudd for Crumbs, Knirps for Moisture….”

  1. * KRudd refuses to go

    Ma, take this PM off of me
    I can’t use him anymore
    The opinion polls are going down
    I feel I’m knockin’ on Kevin’s door

    Knock knock knockin’ on Kevin’s door
    Knock knock knockin’ on Kevin’s door
    Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh…

  2. Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me
    Twice on the floor if you want me to go

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