KRudd Heartbreak: Obambi Not Coming….

Obama shelves trip to Indonesia, Australia

WASHINGTON (AP) — Grappling with the worst oil spill in the nation’s history, President Barack Obama has abruptly scrapped a trip to Indonesia and Australia for the second time this year. Associated Press has more>>

Obambi is just too busy bashing Israel and Disgracing America:

President Barack Hussein Obama, who got his start in politics in the living room of domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and spent his first year in office apologizing for American history, has now decisively tipped U.S. foreign policy toward America’s enemies. Events of the past week have left no doubt.

After spreading the wealth around, Obamessiah helps to spread the oil:

A bird covered in oil flails in the surf at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast…

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Thursday a powerful hurricane could help to break up the huge Gulf of Mexico oil slick…..More>>

KRudd goes down:

Funny is that the Poms are being told the US president just doesn’t want to be seen with a loser.

Insider sez:

Obama’s surrounded by failure at the moment, he doesn’t want to travel all this way to be greeted by another……(greasy, oily, slimy, ear wax munching career bureaucrat)

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  1. Poor KRuddie…heard he cried himself to sleep.

    With any kind of luck, by the time Hussein Obama does come here, KRudd will be long gone…

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