KRudd: squandering the wealth of the nation for a seat at the U.N.

United KRudd, a match made in heaven. Where incompetents meet…..

We have to stop this theft of Australia’s tax money. We have to stop these Socialists wasters from funding their global mates.

Andrew Bolt:

KRudd squanders another $469 million, in the name of a myth and in pursuit of the UN’s worthless praise:

Rich and poor nations alike criticized a new blueprint for a U.N. climate treaty on Friday as two weeks of talks among 185 countries ended with small steps towards an elusive deal…

The new draft text keeps some elements of the Copenhagen Accord, including a plan for aid to developing nations of $10 billion a year from 2010 to 2012, rising to more than $100 billion from 2020.

Australian delegate Robert Owen-Jones announced in Bonn that Canberra was contributing 559 million Australian dollars ($469 million) to the 2010-12 funds.

Er, how much exactly? And entrusted to whose hot little hands?

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6 thoughts on “KRudd: squandering the wealth of the nation for a seat at the U.N.”

  1. My goodness. Wanting a seating on the UN is a crazy ambition for any person on earth. They are a toothless tiger, spending huge amounts of money throughout the world paying huge salaries to the talking heads and as far as I can see have accomplished absolutely nothing in the last thirty years. Boznia, Somalia, Dafur, as well as Saddam Hassein, and now Iran or anywhere in Africa is the same feeble story.

    You should hang your head in shame Mr. Rudd, if this story is true.

    You have become accustomed to wealth, and still you want more. Try a life of the back bench with not a lot of power and see how the other half live.

    You are not fair. You claim you have compassion – yes for everyone except your own people.

    Why cant your own people have homes? good medical care? and so many other thing which between you and Howard we have lost. The Australians are sick of you Mr. Rudd. You have no right to do these things to your people without our permission.

    The worst thing is that if we vote you out, we will get the same thing from any other party. Different horse, new jockey.

  2. I’ve been hearing that Krudd is under pressure at home (ALP) and may find himeslef out of a job in the next week or so.

    Wishful thinking? Maybe, but then again, he would probably get replaced by Julia Gizzard.

    Which one’s worse?

  3. All attention will be diverted to mining taxes this election, much like it was climate change & workchoices last time around.

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