Last Weeks Reflux in Words & Pictures

Obambi’s Apporoval Rating Still High; (in Kenya!)

No shit: Zero still enjoys 95 percent approval in Kenya

WaPo is onto it:   Obama’s Muslim outreach fiasco

Islam elevates women:

Registering to vote in Afghanistan

This is not a joke (thanks to JW)

An addendum to this post, featuring a line of liberated suffragettes.

Photo from the New York Post.

Ralph Peters: Billions in aid have been squandered. Drug lords rule. Our local “allies” rip us off at every turn. If we cave in to Karzai and rein in our special operators, it’s game over.

Afghans Gone AWOL

Nationwide alert issued for 17 Afghan military men AWOL from Texas Air Force Base

But relax: it’s “more an immigration violation than a national security threat.” And who ever heard of Afghans getting involved in jihad activity, anyway? “EXCLUSIVE: Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base,” by Jana Winter for, June 17, JW

“We attended an Islamic religious convention, and the speaker said if you marry a non-Muslim or rape a non-Muslim girl, you will get 70 virgins in heaven” Why didn’t anyone at that Islamic religious convention stand up and say, “No! Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢! We revere the Christians as People of the Book!”?

Biden: “its not a shakedown when we do it….”

UK:  Muslims beat Sikh  to death in his own store

Sikhs have fought the  Mohammedan invaders for hundreds of years in India. Now the Muselmaniacs follow them to the UK to kill them:

Five (Musel-) men have appeared in court accused of murdering a shopkeeper who was beaten to death during a robbery at his store. Express UK

Iran: Islam is a work in progress

Never enough shrouds: Trouble in paradise? Chair of Iran’s Guardian Council criticizes Thug-in-Chief’s lack of enthusiasm for aggressive enforcement of veiling

You know you’ve got a problem when Ahmadinejad is the one momentarily sounding more “moderate” than the next guy (though that’s all “moderation” is — a position relative to others). And the photo above from May, which accompanied this report, shows Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati has some supporters… except that for all we know, the one on the right could be Rip Taylor with a bag of confetti.

“Ahmadinejad Rebuked By Hardline Cleri [sic] Over Hijab,” from Radio Zamaneh, June 19, via JW:

Khomeini and the Blindness of the Left

Twenty-seven years ago the Danish historian and former Trotskyist, Torben Hansen was an excited eyewitness to the Iranian Revolution. Today he accuses the European and American Left of having learned nothing from Islamic barbarism….

Spot the ugly one:

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  1. Well, what a colourful array of burkas: blue, black and white. The Mohammedans in my neck of the woods (England not Iran) tend to go for black. I kid you not, but I actually witnessed a woman handing a photo-pass to a ticket inspector on a local train when she was clad in a burka and he said nothing! It must be a cheap means of buying a pass that the whole family can use. What I didn’t discern was whether or not her pass featured her burka-obscured face or not. Whatever the case, it was irrelevant to this patently absurd situation.

    Incidentally, whereas Paris had its counter-Islamisation protest on Friday, there will be a small ‘One Law for All’ protest against sharia in London this afternoon. However, I have my reservations about it, as the organiser has ulterior motives and has attacked other elements within the UK’s counterjihad movement:

  2. ‘Last Weeks Reflux in Words & Pictures
    by sheikyermami on June 20, 2010

    Registering to vote in Afghanistan’

    That photo has to be about the most oxymoronic content ever.
    This displays how mentally deficiant they are from inbreeding.

  3. Dhumme Dhimmi, to be frank I’m baffled why they’re even bothering to register, for here in the UK although Muslim women are registered, their menfolk effectively decide who they’ll cast their ballot for owing to the postal voting system. It’s rife with fraud, and I’ve heard first-hand how the man of the house will ensure that all of the votes therein will be cast for an ‘appropriate’ candidate. It hasn’t helped us with our already rotten democracy.

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