Leadership: dare to compare!

Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West At The Revolution / American Freedom Tour

Obama: I Can’t Plug the Hole… I Can’t Suck It Up With a Straw

Who is this guy?

Oil Slick, What Oil Slick?… Feds Ban Flights Over Affected Gulf Coast Region

After all, all of those flights might lead to nasty photos and more bad press for President Whiner.

Director Blue has an update. (Gateway Pundit)

Big spending negro needs another 50 billion

Don’t worry, it won’t increase the deficit……

WASHINGTON — President Obama is pressing Congress to approve emergency aid money to support economic recovery and help avoid widespread layoffs of public workers, the Washington Post reported Saturday. (Fox)

The Alien in the White House

The distance between the president Muslim POTUS and the people is beginning to be revealed. America needs to get rid of this ‘man caused disaster’.