Lets Play "Spot the Taqiyya"

Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them.

The following is a letter from a Muslim poster who complains on Richard Dawkins website about Pat Condell’s latest video. Informed WoJ  readers know that TAQIYYA is religiously mandated lying to protect Islam from scrutiny and to advance the cause. Few taqiyya doctors are worth bothering with, but some are better than others. The following letter is a typical example for what we’re dealing with. Have fun!

From jhellegers/Richard Dawkins Foundation

Dear webmaster,

Could you please remove the video above? It contradicts the the mission statement of the Richard Dawkins Foundation of tolerance and superstition.

First of all, the attacks of 9/11 is one made by a terrorist organisation, not by a whole religion. As can be read herelink text, the overwhelming majority of muslims do not “endorse violence” and reject attacks on citizens. The assumption that Islam, which is, after all, the commonly held belief of all muslims, is a religion that supports the attacks of 9/11 is nothing short of superstition, and therefore in contradiction to your mission statement.

As for the Cordoba Mosque, it was not built by muslim invaders celebrating their conquest of Spain. Muslims bought (!) a church which was subsequently changed into a mosque, and named to honour his wife. Cordoba soon grew to be the largest Western European city and a centre foreconomics and learning for muslims, christians and jews. Again a lack of regard for evidence.

Furthermore, framing the building of a mosque as islamization of a country is nonsense – the building of a mosque merely acoomodates a group of people holding a private belief in holding private meetings. It is not any more public than starting a golf club[2]. To say that the mosque is triumphalistic, celebrating the 9/11 attacks is nothing more than an illusion presented whitout even a shred of evidence. When dealing with actual evidence, such as the statements by the committee organizing the building of the mosque, saying it is a tribute to the victims, mr. Condell chooses to disregard it.

He continues by saying that it makes him “sick to his stomach that Islam is allowed near Ground Zero”. As many of the victims of the attacks were indeed muslim, it is not only impossible not to allow “Islam” near Ground Zero, but also to allow families of the victims to mourn their lost ones in their own ways. Again, mr. Condell chooses to showdisregard for the facts.

Citizens cannot be held accountable for acts commited by others.

To do otherwise, and to make people complicit in the 9/11 attacks based on a specific shared trait (the professed religion), is nothing short of intolerance, as is the call for a stop of all people professing that faith (and that faith only) on building houses of worship.

To state that the 9/11 attacks were strictly a religious act, is clearly untrue, as the goals and demands of al Quaeda are primarily political, such as the military retreat of American troops from the Middle East. Indeed, much of the resentment in the world against America can be traced to American Capitalist Imperialism – to rebuild a business centre at Ground Zero can be seen as an insult to the memories of the victims as well. But that just goes to show that an insult is strictly personal and can never be a ground forgovernment policy. To forbid a mosque on the grounds of insult is the same as forbidding Draw Muhammed Day on the grounds of insult.

Furthermore, Condell states that “without belief in the afterlife, the attacks would never have been committed”. And again he is wrong, as there are numerous suicide attacks where the attackers were not persuaded by a belief in the afterlife, but by ideals or nationalism, as is the case by of probably the largest group of suicide killers, the kamikaze and kaiten pilots of WW II.

Then, are the attacks on Madrid and London an attack on the free world as such? Certainly, the bombers seem to think otherwise. They cast their deeds as a political deed, a reaction to the invasion of Iraq in which both Spain and Britain participated.

Should political ideologies be banned for hate? Certainly not. Not only do all political movements hate a specific behaviour or group (liberals do hate groups attacking individuality, corporatists hate groups attacking their social organization, communists hate capitalists (and vice versa). Only by engaging in informed dialogue one can hope to gain some understanding and try to convince others of your truth.

Stating that Islam unncessarily dichotomizes the world is simply hilarious when coming for mr. Condells lips. He himself has lately devoted his life to dividing the world between the pure (us westerners) and the impure (muslims), even while muslims are integrating, befriending, working together with nonmuslims (as do most nonmuslims integrate with muslims).

On a sidenote: are all religions that endorse violence incapable of furthering spiritual enlightenment? Let us neglect for a second that virtually every religion has followers that endorse violence, and focus on the question, which does not have an obvious answer. Indeed, Nietzsche stated (following Aeschulos’s Oresteia) that true knowledge, and great people, can only be forged by painful experiences which must be overcome and incorporated into one’s soul.

[2] Except, of course, when these believers take along their children to their house of worship. ButI do not see why an exception should be made for Islam, as this happens in most other religions as well.

21 thoughts on “Lets Play "Spot the Taqiyya"”

  1. Taqiyyah (3:28, 5:51) at its best:

    “… the overwhelming majority of muslims do not “endorse violence” and reject attacks on citizens.”

    BUT your pedophile (Aisha 6 vs. Muh. 51 ) mass murderer (battle of Banu Quarizah) and “excellent example” (33:21) did endorse violence!

    Muhammad was the FIRST Islamic terrorist!
    He boasted: “I have been made victorious with terror”
    Sahih Bukhari Vol. 4, Book 52, No. 220

  2. Wow, this is a tricky one coming from Dawkins group. However, my suspension arises when both Dawkins & Pat disprove of Islam outright (not muslims).

    Heres my take.

    1. the 9/11 terror attack while conducted by al-queda, but was celebrated world wide. While america and many european countries condemed islamic violence, other muslim countries celebrated, even the citizens, rejoicing in the street. popular muslim leaders said america deserves it & other muslim leaders invited americans to be muslims to avoid such attack in the future.

    2. Spain was INVADED. Ans soon after, the mosque was built, there was no proof that the mosque was purchased. Proof meaning a payment receipt or logs. When a new ruler rules, everything is his. Cordoba has always been known of the islamic conquest of europe, a symbol of islamic supermacy, where al-andalus is the start, the rest of europe will fall. Unfortunately, the invasion was stopped in france & austria.

    3. people of the conqured spain hated the invaders so much that they had yearly rituals of spanish dressed as arabs and as farmers fighting in the street. They even have burn the muhammad day where they dressed a doll up as muhammad and burn him. READ: Cultures in Mallorca

    4. Al Andalus did not grow, in fact it was a place of wealth & knowlegde & over the course of 100 years, it began to decline till the arabs loose interest. How is possible that a prosperous place decline in such a short time. READ decline means, nothing that comes in new & the living standards among ALL (not only muslims).

    5. All materials that are not related or contradicting to islam were banned. People were dealt with when question sharia laws & public opinion was diminished. Over the years, education of a new topic was deemed heretical.

    6. The Imam that spearheaded the 9/11 mosque was exposed. He was exposed for having 2 stories. 1 for the non muslims and the media and PR and another for his muslim brothers. Search for his videos. Even Noni Darwish (i think) exposed him. He has ties to several militant & questionable groups as well. What do you expect from a man that wants islam to conquer america ?

    7. The purpose of this mosque among others is to spread islam among new yorkers, while which washing the true nature of islam where it wishes to destroy democracy, install sharia laws & make it a crime for anyone that question that law, where muslims will rule over non muslims while non muslims would become dhimmis (where dummy came from) – acts stupid, being a slave & pay lots of taxes to the muslim rulers.

    8. What muslim victims? that are not more than 10 that are recorded. Some have similar arabic names, but they are not muslims. Im very sure that the muslim families would have hoped that islam never existed. In fact, 1 muslim family decides to leave islam after 9/11 and loosing the loved one.

    9. All citizens are free to practice whatever they want, as long it does not cross others in a fair way. Muslims can pray in their homes & there are 2000 mosques already. They can live without a mosque in 9/11.

    10. Killing for after life. Why do people kill (suicide)? Promise of afterlife or Defending. Either way, people don’t do it just like that. People love their lives. However, you need 3 factors to do so. a) Leadership, b) religious decree c) motivation. This is what Islam has, muhammad instructs to kill, the quran instructs to kill & the ‘motivators’ in mosques instructs to kill as well. What more you need to send stupid brainwashed people to their deaths?

    I would like to conclude this with this video:

  3. Funnily enough, a massive taqiyya operation has got underway in Britain. Entitled “Inspired by Mohammed”, the campaign seeks to improve the image of muslims amongst Brits.

    “Inspired by Muhammad” aims to promote Islam as a faith which contributes positively to British society.

    Posters of Muslims with captions like: “I believe in rights for women… so did Muhammad” will feature at bus stops, Tube stations and on London cabs.

    It is a reaction to a YouGov poll which found that 58% of the British population surveyed associated Islam with extremism, 50% associate it with terrorism and 68% feel the religion encourages the repression of women.

    I wonder if we’ll see any of the following posters: “I raped a 9 year old girl……. so did mohammed!” or “I believe we should exterminate the Jews…… so did mohammed!”

  4. Cheers for the heads up Mullah, I just stuck a comment up on that site, now I come to think of it I should have given a link to WoJ as well, doh!!!

  5. I’ll be on the lookout for some of these ads on billboards, Mullah, and i’ll keep some pre-written stickers handy carrying some more truthful statements about islam, such as the ones we’ve posted above. If I manage to find any, which I probably will as it’s likely to be massive, i’ll take some pics of the finished articles and link to them on here!

  6. Thanks, DC – maybe we could set up www beheadedbymuhammad com as a counter.

  7. For DC


    [I can see some alternative adds coming up “Gary Glitter is a paedophile, so was Mohammad” that sort of thing]

    [I believe it’s fine to have sex with nine year old girls-and so did Mohammed
    I believe it’s my duty to slaughter Christians-and so did Mohammed
    I believe in slitting the throat of terrified animals-and so did Mohammed.

    The list is endless-come on,have a go! ]

    [I believe a woman is responsible for her own rape and should be duly punished, so did Mohammed!]

    This is already backfiring badly for Mo’s followers 🙂

  8. For DC:


    domain: inspiredbymuhammad.com
    created: 16-Mar-2010

    admin-c-firstname: Sarah
    admin-c-lastname: Davies
    admin-c-organization: Exploring Islam Foundation
    admin-c-street1: 109 Stanmore Road
    admin-c-pcode: B16 9TA
    admin-c-city: London
    admin-c-ccode: GB
    admin-c-phone: +44.2085487534

    (server is in Germany –

  9. Cheers for the links Mullah, that UEPEngland link worked the first time I clicked on it, but the site appears to be down now. I was going to have a little look round the forum to see if it was worth joining up. Bookmarked it anyway, just in case it comes back online later.

    Anyway, off now for a few hours, got a short shift to put in at work this evening!

  10. Poignant comment on the Canadian site, Sri – first hand experience of followers of the “perfect man”.

    The uepengland site worked again a few minutes ago – maybe has server problems, or muslims are attacking it?

  11. TJwork..always great comments from you. I was living in Malaysia at the time of 9/11…in no time at all Osama Bin Laden t-shirts were in all the markets..and later we found Osama Bin ladens name painted up on rocks in scenic areas out in the country…I did not even really know the horror of it all until a year later when I saw a documentary on an international channel..The coverage in the papers was very limited and very muted..there were hardly any if any pictures of it on the Malaysian TV news..people sure are mushrooms in that place.

  12. Dear Theresaj,

    Its great to know you enjoyed my comments & more will come over time.

    I was in Malaysia during 9/11 as well & yes, I do share your sentiments from your previous comments.

    For the record, I lost my childhood cousin in Tower 2 during 9/11.

    My resolve has never been stronger ever since.

    Stop Islamisation of America.

  13. Folks,
    The response of the enemy tells me that we are slowly pulling ahead. Keep up the good work.

  14. Good to know your motivation TJwork..my sympathies on the loss of your cousin..and now they are wanting to build a mosque near the site..they never seem to give up , always wanting more…
    Stop the islamization of the WORLD.

  15. Britain will ultimately become an Islamic republic. This is a fact which will come true in my lifetime. Congratulations to all Muslims.

  16. The world will ultimately become the YHWH theocracy.
    This fact will come true in this generation.
    No one needs to be gratulated on that for no one can take
    credit for it.

  17. azimmi tammimmi
    Britain will not become an islamic republic. It is interesting that you congratulate muslims on the implied destruction of a world leading culture and it’s people. You are merely showing the true face of islam which is an evil that destroys all that is wealthy in color and difference. So nice that you, as a muslim, have clearly stated your evil intent. Britain will not become an islamic republic, but you and your ilk will be driven from this world and this time frame is short.

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