Lord of the Flies

This Obama administration is definitely a “man-made disaster”

Gen David Petraeus, the new US commander in Afghanistan, is to review the idiotic doctrine of “courageous restraint”, according to Pentagon sources.   (Don’t mention the wild goose chase for “hearts & minds” and “guns without bullets”)

“There will be no change in overall policy but all aspects of tactics and implementation will be looked at afresh,” a Pentagon official told The Daily Telegraph.

Sure thing. America’s Muslim POTUS has already made it clear that “victory is not our goal” in Afghanistan, because it could  make our enemies feel bad. Its all about feelings, don’tcha know…..

Pic thanks to Moonbattery

Islam could have saved him, sez brother Germaine

Save this…..?

Condoms for Kidz? Puff Ho supports it, its progressive…..

Ahmadinejad thinks he’s a lion!

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Israel about any potential aggression against Iran, cautioning the regime that playing with Iran is as dangerous as playing with a lion. FARS

Nah, this guy is not a lion. We know what he is…..

The One About The UN   /   Must watch!

Never mind the oil-spill in the Gulf:  lets play golf!

“He needs to be more focused on the Gulf of Mexico; it’s not just tar balls, it’s sheets of oil that have been washing ashore,” said LeMieux. “But I’ll leave the president’s personal time to him.”

Ya think?

3 thoughts on “Lord of the Flies”

  1. * playing with Iran is as dangerous as playing with a lion

    Not half as dangerous as defying the Lion of the tribe of Judah, as Iran will find out one day.

  2. Talk about spin – are there no depths these muslim scum will bend to. Jackson’s family, excluding germaine the muzz freak, were reported initially as being highly suspicious of muslim involvement with Jackson.

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