Moelester sentenced

Florida: Muslim cleric pleads guilty to molesting boy, CAIR springs into action

Creeping Sharia

Visas for sharia-trained imams to preach sharia? WTF? This pious p.o.s. drugged little Muslim boys and then molested them. Hat tip anti-CAIR.

TAMPA — He came to the United States as a revered religious leader. On Thursday, he was deemed a sexual offender as he pleaded guilty to molesting a 13-year-old boy at a local mosque last year. Story continues below the fold….


US Terror Group CAIR Makes Excuses For Imam Who Molested Boy

US Terrorist group The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) says the Imam is innocent, he only pleaded guilty because a Muslim cannot get a fair trail in the US.  Unfortunately for Mr. Shahade the facts tell a different story. Yid with Lid has the story

In other news:

    State police revoke Muslim cleric’s chaplaincy

  • As usual, CAIR huffs & puffs:
  • Early this year the website of a self-styled national security expert (why the smears on Steven Emerson?) criticized Mustapha’s police appointment saying he was committed to violent jihad and once was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a large terrorism case. On Wednesday morning, the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold a news conference calling it “shameful” that the state police revoked Mustapha’s chaplaincy. Other Muslim groups will announce they are suing the website operator. ABC News/More on Sheikh Kifah Mustapha: Muslim Brotherhood Chaplain In Illinois State Police Department …

Illinois State Police revoke appointment of Hamas-linked Islamic cleric as chaplain, and Hamas-linked CAIR is furious

No surprise here, except to those who are fooled by Honest Ibe Hooper’s propaganda line at CAIR. “State police revoke appointment of Muslim chaplain,” by Manya Brachear for the Chicago Breaking News Center, via JW

The Lunatics Run the Asylum:

CAIR Instructs the Police about Islam   by Daniel Pipes

Moelester continued:

He entered the United States on a visitor’s visa to serve as a full-time imam, or Muslim prayer leader, at a local mosque, Masjid Omar Al Mokhtar, just north of Kennedy Boulevard near downtown Tampa. About two months later, police arrested him after a teen boy who stayed overnight at the mosque with his younger brother said the imam had sexually assaulted him.

The parents of the 13-year-old boy had allowed him and his younger brother to stay overnight at the mosque for a few weekends to encourage them to pray and to learn more about their religion.

According to the father, the boys had been instructed to sleep on their sleeping bags in the prayer hall. But, as he later learned, that Saturday night, the boys were in the imam’s private room in the mosque.

The father told the Times last year that his son told him the boys watched television with Shahade. Then, the imam prayed. He gave the 13-year-old a glass of water.

The boy’s next memory came when he woke up at 6 a.m. the next day. He found himself on the edge of Shahade’s bed and felt the imam on top of him, the father said.

Ramzy Kilic, director of the local chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, a civil rights advocacy group, said the Muslim community appears divided on the subject of Shahade’s guilt.

“We’ll never know all the details,” Kilic said. “He may have made that plea deal because he didn’t think he would have a fair trial. That doesn’t necessarily mean he was guilty.”

Maybe one of CAIR’s fake lawyers could have defended the Mahommadean Molester, via Muslim cleric pleads guilty to molesting Tampa boy – St. Petersburg Times.