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Hope and Change

President Disaster/Atlas Shrugs

Not in charge, not responsible: Who’s In Charge?… 53 Days Later Team Obama Still Not Sure Who’s In Charge of Worst Environmental Disaster in US History (Video) Gateway Pundit

Multiculti really worx beautifully: Moral Multiculturalism in action

President Party Boy

The wrong kind of leadership

Last week’s jobs report tanked the stock market; the president took weeks to assert control of the oil spill that threatens doom on the Gulf Coast — but at the White House the Gatsby-like parties roll on as if happy days were here again.

Just yesterday, President Obama held another fun-filled White House event, a picnic for Congress members, complete with hot dogs, cold beverages and a fire pit.  Read more:

Treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran:

poor Afghan refugees are asked to slap themselves on the head and then slap their compatriots in front of them and then repeat loudly ‘I will not come to Iran again!’ while those ordering the humiliation can be heard creasing up with laughter in the background.

IHH Speaking Plainly: We only work through Hamas, although we don’t limit our aid to its followers,” he said. “We consider Israel and the United Nations to be the terrorists, not Hamas.”

“Strange demands” in Vienna:   “Wake up Hitler”

The Neo-Nazi/Islam Alliance Redux Atlas Shrugs

The left-liberal Viennese weekly Falter headlined this photo from a recent anti-Israel demonstration in the city: “Strange demand.”  “Wake up Hitler”

Jihad News:

Breeding for Al Qaeda?

THIS is the British mum set to give birth to Osama Bin Laden’s grandchild.Louise Pollard, 24, is acting as a surrogate mother for the al-Qaeda warlord’s son Omar Bin Laden, The Sun can reveal.  She is undergoing fertility treatment, thought to be IVF, in an attempt to conceive using Omar’s sperm and eggs from his British wife Jane Felix Browne.  Read more:

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  1. MCartney seems to have a dubious look on his face as if thinking…”Why is this man having a huge blast at the Whitehouse when his backyard is in such a frigging mess”? “Who does he think he is…Nero”?

  2. “Who does he think he is…Nero”?

    No. Zero.

    I wouldn’t trust McCartney’s judgement. This is a guy who paid $ 300 million for a one-legged hooker….

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