More Saber Rattling from Iran. Support for Israel from Spain?


Senior MP: Tehran Not to Tolerate Inspection of Iranian Vessels

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran will not bear an inspection of its vessels in the high seas under the pretext of the new UN Security Council resolution against the country’s peaceful nuclear program, a senior Iranian legislator said on Thursday.

Similar Noises From Syria

Al-Assad calls Israeli government “pyromaniac”

DAMASCUS, (SANA – Syrian news agency)-President Bashar al-Assad underlined that the Israeli aggression on the Freedom Flotilla has destroyed any chance for peace in the near future and proved that the Israeli current government is a pyromaniac government and we cannot achieve peace with such government.

Not that they ever had any intentions to make peace,  ever…..IMRA

Ex-Spain PM: If Israel goes down, we all go down

Here’s one who gets it:

In Times op-ed, José Maria Aznar asks West to remember Israel its only ally in ‘turbulent’ region

José Maria Aznar, former prime minister of Spain, published an opinion article with the London Times Thursday saying the world must support Israel because “if it goes down, we all go down”.

Aznar, who has joined the ‘Friends of Israel’ campaign to which David Trimble, a foreign observer taking part in Israel’s flotilla raid probe, also belongs, calls on Europe to refuse to put up with cries to eliminate Israel as part of global Christian-Jewish cooperation.

“Anger over Gaza is a distraction. We cannot forget that Israel is the West’s best ally in a turbulent region,” Aznar writes….Y-net news

Unlikely chance of success:

Geneva: Proposal to ban all religious clothing

The radical party in Geneva (FDP) want to revise the law on external manifestations of worship. They want to ban the residents of the canton from wearing any religious clothing. The ban will not affect tourists.    Islam in Europe: Read more »

Netherlands: More immigrants Muzz in parliament

And you thought Wilders was winning: Read more »

Obama Dines With Leftist Media Cranks at White House

All spin, all the time:  Obama calls in disaster relief.

He refused to dine with the Israeli Prime Minister but on Thursday Hussein Obama spent over an hour with leftist cranks at the White House for lunch.  HuffPo reported/via Gateway

“Moderate” Arab News says Helen Thomas was “ambushed”

When the Saudi Arabian-based Arab News wants to publish a bizarre conspiracy theory, they are careful not to use Arabs in the byline. They find one of the many nutty conspiracy theorist Westerners who write for far-left blogs and simply republish their rants, to make Arab conspiracy theorists look a bit less nutty.

A case in point: this bizarre, paranoid, anti-semitic rant by James Rockefeller: Elder of Ziyon