Muhammad, the Gecko Killer

Shem’s latest cartoon:

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Muhammad, profit of Islam, hated geckos.

Muhammad’s hatred for the gecko lizard, which the prophet accused of being “an infidel and enemy of the believers.” Muslims who kill it in the first strike receive 100 “heavenly-points,” whereas those who kill it in two strikes receive only 70.

More graphically, Fr. Zakaria Botros recently examined canonical hadiths (authenticated Muslim accounts) that record Islam’s first believers eating Muhammad’s feces, marinating food in his sweat, drinking the water he gargled and spit out, and smearing his phlegm all over their faces–all to his approval….  Read it all, if you have the stomach!

Bonus: Kurt Westergaards last cartoon for Jyllands Posten:

3 thoughts on “Muhammad, the Gecko Killer”

  1. Muhammads followers also drank his urine believing it held healthful benefits, again, with his approval.
    Which gets me to thinking; I wonder how many Muslims died of E. coli?

  2. One for the muhammad feel-good campaign:

    “I like taking the piss out of muhammad. His followers did, too!”


  3. Al-Kidya: no one ever drank the urine of Muhammed (PBUH), please before writing any facts make sure your sources are realiable and include them for everyone else to see.

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