(Musel-) man jailed over cop shop shooting attack

By Janet Fife-Yeomans/Daily Telegraph

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Zebiba boy Saleh Jamal leaves Downing Centre Court at an earlier hearing.

A FORMER gang member has been jailed twelve years after a shooting attack on a Sydney police station.  Saleh Jamal will be behind bars at least until 2016 for his role in the attack on Lakemba police station in 1998.

Officers dived for their lives as a volley of bullets smashed into the station glass doors.

In other News:

One hit a computer screen at head height.

Judge Helen Morgan in the District Court today said it was a direct attack on one of the state’s law enforcement agencies.

“This attack was committed as an act of revenge against the police out of a misguided belief that they were unfairly targeting Lebanese,” she said.

(Not. It was a desire to “strike fear in the hearts of the unbelievers and to establish Islamic supremacy over infidel rule/ed)

The judge said they aimed to intimidate police and deter them from carrying out heir lawful duties.

That’s about right…

Jamal, 35, was convicted by jury of discharging a firearm with intend to cause grievous bodily harm.

He was a member of “DK’s Boys” an organised crime outfit headed by Danny Karam and was the get away driver when they targeted Lakemba police station in the night-time attack.

Judge Morgan rejected Jamal’s please for mercy on the grounds that it has taken so long for the case to come to trial.

She said that he was the architect of his own downfall.

His earlier trail in 2004, was aborted after he said he was ill.

He then fled to Lebanon on a false passport where he was jailed in Beirut after being convicted of terrorism offences.

The terrorism convictions was overturned on appeal and he was extradited in 2006 and in 2007 jailed in NSW for up to nine years for knee-capping a rival during a shootout at Greenacre in 1998.

Islamic terror is a family tradition:

His brother Mohammed Omar Jamal was convicted last year over a terrorist plot targeting Sydney Lucas Heights’ nuclear reactor.

Judge Morgan sentenced Jamal to a total of 12 years with a minimum of six and a half.

She said although he was the getaway driver he was as culpable as the gun who fired the shots into the police station.

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  1. ALERT: Islamic propaganda and dawa forced onto school children.

    I have contacted both Federal and State politicians and the Education Department regarding this matter, and I urge other Australians to do the same. This cannot go unchallenged.

  2. Please write directly to KRUDD and state politicians. If this islamic exercise cannot be stopped now, we will have major problems in the future.

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