My KRuddness! Now He Tells Women What to Wear…

KRudd launches fashion attack on journalist

Latika Bourke is a political reporter.

KRudd is under fire after criticising a reporter’s dress sense at a press conference yesterday. (bizarre comments )  NineMSN

Foul mouthed KRudd wants to fine YOU for swearing:

Oh sh*t: Swearers face instant $100 fines: Queensland police will be able to issue $100 fines for swearing in public under controversial new legislation

Hypocrisy of the left: Why no tears now for dead asylum seekers?

WHERE are they now, those hypocrites who once noisily wept over John Howard’s “cruelty” to boat people?

Why aren’t they shedding tears over the 170 boat people since believed killed under these more “compassionate” policies they voted for?  Andrew Bolt: no tears  for dead welfare seekers?’

Another KRuddish “success” on boat people

It’s worked so well that Labor sets a record:

THE federal government’s freeze on the processing of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers has slowed the influx of boat people, evidence suggests, with arrivals down by almost a quartersince the decision was made.


AN Australian navy patrol boat has intercepted a boat carrying suspected asylum seekers off Australia’s northwest… Mr O’Connor said initial indications suggested there were 33 passengers and three crew on board.

Criticising KRudd “distasteful”

Former Labor speechwriter Dennis Glover suddenly gets sensitive about criticism of a Prime Minister:

Rudd-bashing is the fashion. It’s becoming rather easy. And also, perhaps, a little cruel and distasteful.


Yet Howard-bashing, on the other hand, was not only tasteful but just what the doctor ordered….Permalink

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  1. * KRudd is under fire after criticising a reporter’s dress sense …

    A penguina wearing a veil? He wouldn’t hurt a muslim’s feelings, would he?

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