New York Slimes Hires Muslim Brotherhood Propagandist

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Enemy propaganda becomes Western policy, how good is that?  Walter Duranty is alive and well @ the NYT:

INFILTRATION: Muslim Brotherhood, Un-indicted Co-Conspirator Hamas-Linked CAIR Reporter Covers Muslim Issues for NY Times

NYT: always on the dark side of the  (sickle) moon:

The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it. Ayn Rand

The stealth jihad’s best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies.

Indeed. If CAIR is reporting the Muslim news at The NY Times, is it any wonder that we are losing the war in the information battlespace?

Sharaf Mowjood, who helped pen the Islam-focused articles for The New York Times and the Times’ world-affairs paper the International Herald Tribune in December of 2009, worked as a government relations coordinator for CAIR up until at least March of 2008.

Sharaf Mowjood

Mowjood’s gushing, 1,200-word article on the controversial mosque planned for construction near the former site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks was titled “Muslim Prayers and Renewal Near Ground Zero.” All eight of the sources cited in the piece said they approved of the project or lauded its advocate Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Former CAIR Lobbyist Hired to Report on Muslim Issues for NY Times.   Read more: http://newsbusters./Read the rest here

The Society of Professional Journalists: Why We Never Get the Straight Story on Islamic Jihad

Just how long has the Muslim Brotherhood been strategizing the takedown and take over of the U.S. and the West? Decades.

Self-Inflicted Defeat

The highest levels of government enforce a policy on the military which effectively prevents consideration of the enemy doctrine of jihad.  American Thinker

4 thoughts on “New York Slimes Hires Muslim Brotherhood Propagandist”

  1. Are we shocked? I am not. The MSA/MSU in our colleges, muslims infiltrating our government’s institutions with the help of ovomit, and a left wing full of islam’s ‘useful idiots’.

    No one is willing to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and instead Ovomit insists on hiring them and coddling them.

  2. The US has been thoroughly penetrated by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their agents are now inside the White House, FBI, CIA, NSA, Congress, Military, Wall Street, Academia, MSM, etc. Muslims have control of Reuters and UPI and only need to pick up the phone to get a story spiked at the WSJ, FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. Almost all US VIPs are on the Muslim payroll in one form of another. The battle against the Islamic jihad against the West is being lost. It doesn’t matter how many we kill in Afghanistan, what matters is the home front where the battle is being lost and the Islamic world knows it. Muslim agents are working on us from within allied to those elements of US society that are self destructive (many on the Left and more than one would have thought on the Right). I predict the next phase of about five years of increasing slide into defeat that will start to be obvious to some but there will still be many in denial that by their actions will promote our defeat. These sentences will seem incredible only to a people that are in denial of the reality that is right in front of them.

  3. It’s so very easy for us to say “screw this irrelevent pinko rag,” but the fact remains that countless millions of the weaker bretheren, our poorly informed fellow citizens, believe everything printed in this ignorant and vituperative quadrant of thrice-used toilet tissue. Here in Canada we labor under the rough equivalent, our beloved Canadian Broadcorping Castration.
    Distateful as it it most certainly is, we have no alternative but to continue to stand up to and refute every slanted and uninformed diatribe vomited forth by this shameless excuse for a pillar of the fifth estate, in the I hope not forlorn expectation that reason and logic will at the end of the day prevail.
    Hello feminists – are you there?

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