Obamessiah fails to give him tingles up his leg…

Obama’s address to the nation on the oil spill disappoints  his biggest fan @ MSNBC

Tingles unimpressed:

Obama tries to oil out of the blame Andrew Bolt

Another gusher gets hit  with reality:  MAUREEN DOWD/ NYT

Even diehard commies know when the jig is up:

Katie Couric Criticizes Obama’s Response to the Gulf Crisis, Defends George W. Bush on Katrina

You heard it right, the Perky Katie on David Letterman talks about the President’s response, then as usual, Dave goes into bash mode on George W. Bush, Couric defends… (Hot Air Pundit)

66% of US Voters Are Angry at the Obama-Loving Media

66% of US voters are angry at the state-run media and 48% understand that the teabag-hating media is out to support Obama’s radical leftist agenda.   Rasmussen reported>>>

Who will rid us of this sucker?

New hole-plugging czar appointed:

Michelle Malkin wonders: don’t we have enough czars and bureaucrats tripping over each other for Gulf headlines and photo-ops already?

“Even though I’m president of the United States, my power is not limitless,” Obama, who has forced himself to ingest a load of gulf crab cakes, shrimp and crawfish tails, whinged to Grand Isle, La., residents on Friday. “So I can’t dive down there and plug the hole. I can’t suck it up with a straw.”

Start sucking NOW!

Corrupt US House Speaker and liar Nancy Pelosi released a statement following Barack Obama’s lackluster address to the nation on the BP oil spill.
She blamed Bush. (Gateway Pundit)

The leg thrill is gone: Olbermann on Obama’s Address: Compared To Carter, “I Don’t Sense Executive Command”

Sarah Palin on Obama’s Oval Office Address: He’s Using This Crisis to Push Cap & Tax (Video)

Krauthammer on Obama Polling Lower Than Bush on Katrina: This Gives a Whole New Meaning to Hope and Change (Video)

It Begins… Obama Gives Major Swath of Arizona Back to Mexico (Video)

The vultures are circling: Ahmadinejad: Obama Is Immature

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  1. I can’t suck it up with a straw.

    Mubarack sure looks like he’s enjoying that straw sucking to me.
    I think he may qualify.

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