Oklahoma: Residents Resist Islam/Sharia, Lame Stream Media Goes Apesh*t……

First we had this:

Oklahoma State Senator Aims To Stop ‘Liberal Judges’ From Imposing Sharia Law

Ordinary citizens take it upon themselves to raise awareness and show opposition to Moslems moving in:

But not only in Oklahoma:

“Defeat Universal Jihad Now!”

What is it with Republicans in Tennessee? Lou Ann Zelenik, who is standing as a Republican candidate for Congress in Tennessee’s 6th District, has just denounced the plan to build a new Islamic centre in Murfreesboro as part of “a political movement designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of Middle Tennessee”. Another Republican candidate, Vijay Kumar, who has in the past been boosted by David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine, is standing in Tennessee’s 5th District – under the slogan “Defeat Universal Jihad Now!”.

In a recent interview, Kumar explained:

“My position is clear and unequivocal: Islam’s Universal Jihad and Sharia law pose a clear and present existential threat to the very existence of the United States, and to every liberty, freedom, and human right that this nation was founded upon.

“… if the American people do not awake to the nature and seriousness of this threat, if we do not take swift and effective action to protect our republic from it, if we do not openly and candidly name the enemies of freedom and human liberty – in short, if Islam is allowed to realize its goals – then one day there will be no 5th District of Tennessee, nor will there be any Tennessee, nor will there be a United States of America, and the Quran will be the only constitution ruling this land that we cherish.”  The Bunglawussi is very worried: Defeating ‘universal jihad’ in Tennessee


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A Tennessee Republican candidate for Congress says plans to build a mosque in a Nashville suburb pose a threat to her state’s moral and political foundation. Associated Press

Pamela has more proof that the RoP is a criminal organization:

Peaceful Georgia neighborhood requires around the clock police patrols after mosque expansion denied

An update on the Lilburn mosque a replica of a shrine to a Muslim holy warrior in Iraq (where more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed).When expansion plans were denied, the harassment of infidels began, the legal jihad kicked in, and apparently the Islamic intimidation has continued. ROPMA

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  1. This type of resistance needs to go viral. I say if these Muslims still want to go ahead with their mosques and training centers, let its leaders sign a document that states they do not preach hatred against America and do not call for us kuffar (infidels) to be attacked and destroyed and that town officials may visit unannounced at any time to ensure that no such message is being conveyed. Failure to sign such a document will allow officials to block all use of the mosque. It’s past time to fight CAIR and their comrades at the ACLU and stiffen resistance to their agendas. Other states need to replicate what these brave citizens and lawmakers are doing.

  2. Very soon this kind of intimidation will happen EVERY TIME they don’t get what they want . ( it’s not quite -but nearly -every time now and not always putting people’s lives in danger )
    We will have two permanently warring communities – a few real atrocities and it will really hit the fan
    Let’s hope it happens while we’re much superior numerically

  3. by the way – google ‘cultural diversity or ‘ community cohesion ‘ and you can see what they’re doing in uk schools – more than I had imagined

  4. They have to make the transition to a post-Christian “aquarian age”, with a futile attempt to mix iron and clay. All their attempts at “cohesion” will

  5. If they behave like thugs after rejection of an unreasonable request, simply deport or terminate.

  6. Sharia Law Vs. Constitutional Rights For All People Is Heating Up Tennessee 6th Race & Oklahoma

    Candidates for the U.S. Congress In Tennessee 6th District Debate Sharia Law NOT Whether A Mosque Should Be Built. (see teaparty.tv)

    As Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan, has called for a “preemptive strike” against Shariah Law coming to his state others across the country are taking a stand against it also. Before judges in states turn to citing internation law for decisions, candidates throughout America are beginning to take the issue of Sharia Law while standing up for all American’s Constitutional rights.

    Duncan said in a statement after the vote that he hopes other states will soon follow Oklahoma’s lead. “Judges in other states and on the federal bench have increasingly turned to citing international law in their court decisions, something I and others feel is grossly inappropriate in a sovereign state such as our own,” he said.

    In the 6th District of Tennessee, a Republican candidate for Congress Lou Ann Zelenik argued against building a mosque in a Nashville’s suburb because it poses a “threat to her state’s moral and political foundation.” She describes the planned mosque as an “Islamic training center,” and stands “with those who oppose” building it. But, the real question is if “Sharia Law” provides the foundation of the Islamic Training Center and will it be propogated by the its’ leadership? Sharia Law often conflicts with the basic freedoms and laws of US Constitution such as equality between Muslims and Non-Muslims (Kafirs), females vs. males values, the ability for Muslims to bear arms but not Non-Muslims and more. In Tennessee, candidates are asking these important questions to the Mosque’s leadership and evaluating if this new “training center” will propogate these teachings as its’ foundation.

    As this debate heats up, American’s around the country are becoming interested in the foundational issues of the Muslim faith and how it could change our judicial system in the future. American’s see the potential of the US facing some of the same issues in Europe if Sharia Law is used in the American judicial system. In Europe today entire areas are no-go zones for non-Muslims including the police and Christians may not speak to Muslims about Christianity nor can they hand out literature. Further, it is recognized that Sharia law refutes freedom of religion, speech and thought; it disallows freedom artistic expression, freedom press nor does it allow for equal protection of rights for women like Lou Ann Zelenik. And importantly, unlike common law of the United States of America, Sharia is not interpretive, it cannot be changed based upon the people.

  7. Keep Sharia Law out of our Nation.
    Since Obama stated that we are a Nation of all Religions, that includes Islam and Islam is Sharia.
    Sharia is Barbaric and againsy all human rights issues.
    It is against women rights, gays rights.
    It wants to dominate the world.
    It says in the Koran, Kill the Infidel, so if you are not a believer in the Regligion of Islam, they have a right to KILL you.
    That’s why they got to go, before they get more power!!!
    This is NOT a racial issue.

  8. They said they would do it
    – and they are!

    You can observe this all over the world, The muslim brotherhood by their local subsidiairies, are taking our democratic tools and using these against us and our used to be stable societies.

    We have been used to living in peace and stability for so long, and so, likewise, we have become used to obeying and playing by the rules. We are watching this huge puppet show, where we’re hypnoticed into not noticing the strings attached to them, and not paying attention the Brotherhood lurking behind the scenes.

    Just like that little boy exlaiming
    – Look! The emperor has no clothes on!

    This absurd puppet play has been going on for much too long. About high time some brave little kid got up on the scene with a pair of scissors and started cutting some of those strings.

    Kudos to Pamela and Robert, two brave kids of the kind!


    SIOA is proud to present its first documentary: Standing for Freedom Against the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque. Currently in production, the Standing for Freedom Against the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque documentary will feature exclusive coverage of the June 6 SIOA protest against the mega-mosque that was attended by thousands and thousands of Americans.”


  10. Not being an American, I am confused.

    If plastering quotes from the bible everywhere denotes a christian fundamentalist, how come plastering quotes from the koran is deemed hate speech?
    Did I miss something on the sign?

  11. Living in the UK Having seen Islam 1st hand and having a politician friend,I am very aware of the up and coming major problems the west is about to have.The news tonight 241110 has shown muslim men going to jail yet again for targeting under age vunerable (none muslim) girls into sex slavery-even an MP has complained about this.regular electoral fraud in muslim communities nothing ever done this is a very small part of what Islam has done to the UK.Islam all over the world attacks Christiansnon Muslims while forcing Islam on the west look on the internet at 20 things you should know about Islam having had to live with it I can sadly tell you its true.Remember there are no Churches in Saudi Arabia but all us fools in the west allow Mosques.

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