Opponents to the WTC Mosque are the Real Terrorists!

WTC Mosque Opponents Made Threatening Phone Calls to Community Board

Ya think? Really? I’m shocked! Shocked!

LOWER MANHATTAN — Community Board 1 has received threatening phone calls since members backed a controversial plan to build a mosque near the World Trade Center.

Shortly after the board voiced support for the Cordoba House, a 13-story mosque and community center two blocks north of the World Trade Center site, the community board office and at least one board member received menacing calls, and notified the NYPD.

Wow! A case for Homeland Security! Holder, Napolitano: WTF are you when you’re desperately needed? Aw, don’t tell me, you are busy with more important stuff:

The foundation is crumbling from the Justice Department’s stonewall on the New Black Panther voter-intimidation case….

But hey,  not all of us are asleep at the wheel: Inequality before the law is one of the key aspects of Sharia Law. The Left, the Liberals and the Moslems, working together to destroy America and our freedoms. Its time we start working together and destroy those who want to destroy us….

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