Peace in our time!

Adam Gadahn  warns ‘snake-like’ Obama of attacks

Al Qaeda Lays Out Conditions for Peace With U.S.

American-Born Militant Spokesman Says Obama Must Withdraw Troops, Stop Backing Israel, Leave Muslims Alone and Free Muslim Prisoners.

WASHINGTON/Times of India: Al-Qaida has posted a new video on Islamist websites where a spokesman of the militant outfit calls US President Barack Obama “snakelike” and a “treacherous, bloodthirsty and narrow-minded American war president” – and  Gadahn told Mr. Obama: “You’re no longer the popular man you once were, a year ago or so.” CBS

Gee. And I thought they were Muslim brothers!

Hilarious! Glenn Beck mocks Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn has released a new message to the west, specifically Obama, and Beck not only mocks it but he mocks the first one too. Really funny!

Revolting geek of mass proportions lies about “Muslim-only concentration camps” in U.S.

American traitor Adam Gadahn, the self-described “revolting geek of mass proportions,” looks as if he has well imbibed Islam’s doctrines, rooted in the Qur’an (3:28; 16:106) and several ahadith, regarding deceiving enemy unbelievers. He here retails nonsense about Obama, the best friend that Muslims, including Islamic jihadists, have ever had in the White House, and “Muslims-only concentration camps” in the U.S. But conspiracy paranoia is so rampant in the Islamic world that his words will probably find a wide audience.

War Is Deceit Update: “American-born al Qaeda spokesman appears in new video,” from CNN,

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  1. This is the problem – the islamists know that muslim popuations are so badly educated, so berefit of guidance, and so easy to manipulate. You only have the see some of the postings that muslims have left here. We are dealing with a group of easily led children, prone to extreme violence, and incapable of logical thought. How best to deal with this problem safely is a major concern (stating the obvious)!

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