Perhaps Germany should shut down its secret service too..?

Yesterday we were informed that Germany no longer needs an army since the world has become so much more peaceful now. The Germans are great believers in John Lennon’s philosophy (IMAGINE) and since there is nothing to worry about, why not shut down the secret service too?

Germany’s  Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (something like a secret service)  is now conducting a wandering education circus, to reeducate  suspicious Germans about Islam. Educated Islam-experts spooks will explain to the  public that the religion of peace is widely misunderstood and that terrorists are misinterpreting the peaceful teachings of the Koran…..

Thanks to PI, in German:

Wie wir bereits Anfang 2007 berichteten, fühlt unser Verfassungsschutz sich bemüßigt, über die “missbrauchte Religion” – den Islam – aufzuklären. Er tut das mit Hilfe einer Wanderausstellung, in welcher Verfassungsschutzleute besorgten Bürgern erklären, dass die Inhalte des Koran nichts mit dem (richtig verstandenen) Islam zu tun haben.

Read it all, PI

4 thoughts on “Perhaps Germany should shut down its secret service too..?”

  1. The German government is brainwashing the people
    and still sells Islam as a Religion of Peaceâ„¢
    for their power (valuable Muslim votes)

    The mainstream media e. g. “author” Knut Pries tells brazing lies and bawls out Geert Wilders and the critics of Islam and all the creeping colleagues who get money from the government to tell such a bullshit and brainwash the people for their power!

    Quotes of “author” Mr. Knut Pries (Google Translate):

    “… Der eigentliche Triumphator aber ist ein blondierter Populist, der jeden schmäht, der dunkle Haut hat oder zu Allah betet.”

    “… The real victor, however, is a bleached populist who vilifies anyone who has dark skin and prays to Allah.” …”

    1. Thanks, Stephanie.

      There is no end to the dreck-peddlers against Wilders. May they choke on their own bile!

      Here’s Der SPIEGEL:

      Time to Show the Dutch How Little Wilders Has to Offer
      The right-wing populist party of anti-Islam agitator Geert Wilders scored big in the Dutch election. Now the question is whether he will be invited to help form a government. If he is, say German commentators, Dutch voters will finally see how little substance the man actually has. more…

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