Please Sign The Letter Of Support For Israel

Daniel rises

This is the courage demonstrated by the young man who stood in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square all those years ago.

Daniel’s got friends.

Please consider signing the letter of support for Israel

Unproductive taxpayer-funded elements and noisy rent-a-crowd activists always have time on their hands to organise a ‘spontaneous demonstration’ to express their ‘outrage’ and condemn Israel. All the while decent Aussies are working to earn the taxes to support Australia’s finest examples of our multicultural welfare state.

So for those good people standing with Israel in this time of need, but too busy to paint banners and go out into the streets, here’s a forum to show where our loyalties lie.

Israelis, who are not only Jews but Christians, Atheists, Moslems, Humanist and Buddhists amongst many others, live at the razor-sharp edge of the blade which Islamic state-sponsored fascism and world-wide Islamic terrorism holds at the throat of all civilised nations. Let us not forget Israel is the only truly democratic and free nation respecting the rule of law and separation of powers in this part of the world, a lone outpost of Western civilisation.

3 thoughts on “Please Sign The Letter Of Support For Israel”

  1. I think the Pope should stay in his palaces just like when he is threatened with death fatwas and he doesn’t budge out from his protected environment. Or maybe the Pope could go and see where the muslims are lobbing bombs into Israel – without his Popemobile – alongside the children that are the targets of the jihadists.

  2. Gary,
    They had no choice. It is now up to us to show support for Israel and to show our governments just how dishonest the islamists are.

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