Rapists have mothers too….

Hags in Bags

An update from this story:

Australia: HIV-positive Rapist Taxi Driver Gets 9 Years of Prison Da’awa

Thanks to Aussie we have  pic’s and video

The court errupted as Nagi’s mother also began yelling in defence of her son, and one the victims present retorted: “You weren’t there!”

Who Allowed These People to Settle in Australia?

Motherly Love…..

After sentencing, the family of the HIV-positive sexual predator hurled abuse at the young women, calling them liars and protesting his innocence.

Australia: Hassan Nagi HIV Positive Muslim Taxi Driver & Multiple Rapist sentenced as Hags in Bags leap to his defense outside Court.

Hassan Nagi

Judge James Bennett found Nagi had shown no remorse, had been predatory, and “demonstrated a disrespect for the female gender and a willingness to pursue his own (sexual) gratification regardless of them and their interests.”

Aussie sez:

You Rape three women (that we know of) and are sentenced to a little over 4 years for each one and your relatives think you are hard done by, Oh that’s right, I forgot the Rapist is a Muslim, and his victims are Australians.

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  1. Most European relatives of rapists would probably keep their heads down and feel a little emnbarrassed .
    muslim relatives go on the attack
    We’ll never come to terms with these impossible people .

  2. I love figures and bare facts…
    In the wake of 9/11, the US army recruited men with criminal pasts (including rape and domestic violence), and called it a “moral wave”.
    In 2007, more than 2000 women soldier have been raped by their “brothers in arms” (what a joke…). The Pentagon also quietly admits that 80% of rapes in the military are never reported, by fear of punishment and/or persecution.
    Convictions for rape are almost inexistent, because the men close ranks and systematically blame the women. In 2007, 47% of reported assaults have been dismissed before even the start of an investigation and only about 8% went to court-martial and most of the assailants were given “nonjudicial punishments, administrative actions and discharges” by the Pentagon.

    (Source: Helen Benedict)
    So, tell me again? Who are the barbarians?

  3. Noone called the muslims Barbarians..we all know they are violent , raping muslims..Who knows how many rapes by muslim men go unreported? and their paedophilia? Well of course, they are just following their totally mad founder.

  4. Yes, of course they are.
    Wanna talk about catholic priests? Mormons in Utah? Gang banging on Saturday nights? Pornography? About all these western rapists whose mothers have sworn time and time again their precious offspring was innocent? That when the police are looking for a serial killer in the US, they almost always look for a white guy? Do you really think fucked up men only exist in the Middle East?
    You see the problem wrongly, I’m afraid. The problem that is men feel like they can rape women. Not that Muslims have a tendency to rape women.
    And before you call me a man hater, let me just say that this is the consensus about rapists, the world over.
    I know I’m wasting my time here, but there is a very old saying where I live that goes like this: he who sows the wind harvests the tempest. Without condoning any terrorist act, it is nonetheless quite clear to us non christian/american extremists: you guys had it coming. You cannot bully people for decades, murder them and pillage their land and never expect any consequences. Kids in Iraq have grown up with your bombs. No wonder they hate you. You would do the same, and indeed you did: look at the way you handled Pearl Harbour. You killed millions of people.
    Every country has blood on their hands, and no event in our world happens randomly. Action. Reaction. That’s the way it goes, big nose.
    You all think you are so smart and witty, and indeed, being so pedant, you “demand” that posters only post smart comments.
    But the whole site reeks of stupidity and ignorance. And of Fox News too. Try to look further, try to see who has to gain from all this media madness and then you’ll see that you’re being taken for a ride.
    Divide and conquer, remember?
    The Muslim world includes millions of people, from Asia to Europe, America to Africa. All these people are not terrorists.
    A lot of them suffer because they’re being taken for terrorists. But they are children, mothers, fathers, trying to survive your dirty wars. They have a face, a voice, and they will come back to haunt you one day. As a matter of fact, they already did.

  5. To Excessive_Machine
    The Rape of a Women is a serious subject in the West and in fact is not only illegal it is also Socially and Morally Spiritually unacceptable in any circumstance with one cultural and Religious exception…………..Thinking Time ……….. Oh Gee you would not wanna guess … of course in Islam it’s OK.

    Now Fuck OFF.

  6. Rape is punishable by death! A single death is not enough for this mohammedan since he’s HIV positive.He should be killed twice.

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