9 thoughts on “Sausage Sizzle Backlash”

  1. Six cars and a scooter burnt, but did any hate criminal give a muslima a dirty look, or draw a cartoon of the false prophet?

  2. The first ‘shot across the bows’ of the Ummah was the French parliament proposing to ban the burqa. The native French should get behind their politicians and police and make sure this law goes through, and more importantly, that it is enforced, by all means necessary; and I’d advise them to call for a full i.d. check, and check of immigration status, marital status, social security record, criminal record, etc., to be run on every muslimah caught wearing the Slave Mask in public places, and also on her husband and/ or father.

    But a far more important opening salvo in the fight against Islamification, is the ‘wine and pork sausage’ protest picnic idea. This could become for France what the EDL is bidding fair to become in Britain. It has enormous potential to mobilise and energise the ordinary French people (and, too, all right-minded non-Muslim immigrants to France who by choosing to participate, would indicate their willingness to adapt to and enjoy French culture; sure, those who are Hindus (e.g. from Mauritius) and the Indo-Chinese-background Buddhists and the Jews might not be able to eat a pork sausage, but unlike Muslims they aren’t offended at all by the sight of someone else enjoying such, and not being against alcohol, they can still toss off a glass of wine or beer in solidarity). In Europe, it’s high summer. These picnics should happen all over France, every weekend, and they should get bigger, bigger, bigger and LOUDER. If they do it right, they might even inspire the non-Muslim citizenry in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to kick off with similar protest picnics: for in those countries, too, pork and wine – and beer! – are a hallowed part of traditional cuisine.

    If the Muslims propose to attack or indeed do attack any such peaceful citizens’ picnic that is merely publicly celebrating French culture, politicians such as Philippe de Villiers should call for the army to be used in order to flatten the Muslim aggression as swiftly and overwhelmingly as possible.

  3. When muslims hijack a plane or destroy a skyscraper, the authorities (and muslims) obsess over any possible “backlash”. When infidels want to enjoy a little pork & wine, the authorities prevent it, in case there is a “backlash” – not that islamic ‘backlash” (or forward lash) is preventable.

  4. There has never been any backlash against these muslim scum, despite extreme provocation from thuggish muslims.

  5. We will bring our two Chinese Pigs and some people to film us and we will “take a walk on the wild side”
    Fuck the islam and its followers

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