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Sarkozy insulted, from M & C

(Musel-) Man to be tried for insulting Sarkozy in ghetto

Not that I care. But I do care about the falsehood in the media.

You see, what they don’t tell you is what the African revert to Islam exactly said to Sarkozy, in order to get 35 hours of community service:

According to media reports, he used virtually the same obscene phrase France striker Nicolas Anelka reportedly addressed to team manager Raymond Domenech during the World Cup in South Africa, and then told Sarkozy: ‘Here you are in my home.’

Okay, lets go to that ‘obscene phrase’, shall we?

We are told he said: “Fuck you, you son of a bitch.” Well, that’s the gist. The literal translation gives a better sense of the colorful nature of French vulgarity: “I want to fuck you in the ass, you dirty son of a whore,” is what he really said./

This, coming from a Muslim, means a fair bit more than just words…..

And he didn’t tell Sarkozy ‘Here you are in my home.’ What he said is ‘ this is a Muslim area, get out you dirty son of a whore, you are on my turf….’

That’s what he said. And that is what the MSM doesn’t want you to know. But we know there are 780 no-go zones in France, (Zones Urbaines Sensibles,) and that’s one of ’em. The “man” was right: Sarkozy was on his turf.

But anyhow, in Paris, its business as usual:

Violence Erupts in Paris Following Algeria’s World Cup Defeat

A riot erupted in central Paris this evening following Algeria’s devastating loss to the United States in the World Cup, as 200 to 250 youths who had been watching the game on a giant screen at an inner-city stadium took to the streets. Shop windows were smashed and about 20 cars were incinerated or flipped over, among other incidents which spread to nearby neighborhoods. Police made several arrests around 8 p.m., and dispersed the crowds using tear gas. Vanity Fair

Other highlights:

5 thoughts on “Soccer Jihad Update”

  1. It just shows over and over Islam and the West is a poisonous mixture.
    Islam out of the West.
    Western people to avoid problems, stay out of Islam Nations.
    Whatever you try to do there, like in poor African Nations is by a lot of people not appreciated anyway.
    Religions are creating nothing but problems all over the world.

  2. Chinese demonstration in Paris
    – Demanding “Security for all”

    To clear up any misunderstanding

    This above photo published in the French leftist paper Marianne, was illustrating the Chinese demonstration last Sunday, June 20, demanding “Security for all”, taking place in Belleville, the “African” part of Paris, where, according to the police, there were 8 500 persons attending. Or, twice or thrice that many, according to the public.

    This was a demonstration parallel to the Algerian riots at the Charléty stadium in a different part of Paris after the soccer defeat. But still, part of the same problem, islamization.

    As the Chinese on a daily basis are living a nightmare of insecurity, theft and harassment, they now took to the streets to demand “Security for all”.

  3. President Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit
    – in Courneuve, the suburb of Paris


    Mohamed Bridji (21) explains to the camera that this obscene language is his language, his way of expressing himself. He adds that the president should mind his own business, and not show up in this area where ain’t no business of his.

    Video also shows police keeping Mohamed down to the ground on the night of the presidential visit.

    Mohamed’s friend in the white T-shirt is also expressing himself. In big letters.

    “Jealous? I fuck your woman in your bed”

    This mohammedan sexual obsession everywhere.
    “Jaloux(?) Je baise ta femme dans ton lit”
    Their mother tongue.

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