Some Muslims tell more than the truth….

We got mail!

From, a potential suicide bomber in Afghanistan:

Submitted on 2010/06/13 at 2:51pm

posted on America’s Muslim POTUS Praises Islam

Rock Jansone

He Is a great and a smart man (Obama) he is not like you bond of pigs and cawords !! he will bring the unity between Muslims and Christians !!
If we have the same prejudice that you guys running we will never have unity with muslims and the war will go ahead without end against muslim that we know clearly the muslims will be the winner at last because they are fighting for thier faiths and for their God !
could you tell if someone is in christian to suicide himself for their God for sure their is none . but every muslim is ready to fight and suicide for their God!
and besides muslims are the big parts of the world that we will be never able to eliminate them at all .


Hmm, and you thought suicide bombing is un-Islamic?

Note that this poster is proud of suicide bombers, he thinks Christians are weak because they will not fight & kill or commit suicide for their God.

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  1. The Naacp slams Hallmark card (congratulations card putting
    the solar system on notice) as racist (perception) and wants it banned ,
    but is very silent about racism towards colored people from
    islamic side (actual).

    RJ makes wrong observations;
    obama can’t bring unity.
    muslims are too divided to win war.
    there are more christians than muslims in the world (fact).
    but probably there are more animists than believers anyway (spiritual)
    religions are outrun by animism (over 6 billion ?).
    not all people are prepared to go to war,
    neither are all people ready to die for their god.

  2. Yes, Afghanistan –

    “he (Obama) will bring the unity between Muslims and Christians !!”

    Add in Jews and others & sounds like a description of Antichrist, which Obama probably isn’t – just a possible useful puppet when the time comes.

  3. 9/11 is Koran 9:111 … PASSPORT TO PARADISE
    “… for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: … that is the achievement supreme.” (YUSUFALI)

  4. Unity between Christians and Muslims?
    Don’t play taqiyyah!

    9:5 Kill the infidels (pagans, kuffar, ALL non-Muslims) whrever ye find them

  5. * but every muslim is ready to fight and suicide for their God!

    Another muslim stating the bleeding obvious, but it is an islamophobic hate crime for us to believe him & draw attention to it.

    “Suicide is unislamic” 🙂

  6. The google ad on the side bar:

    La Trobe University
    The course you need is at La Trobe University. Open Days in August.

    Hmmm what would they have to interest me?

    Master of Financial Analysis / Master of Islamic Banking and Finance?

    No thanks.

  7. Now you can see that there is not much difference between Islamists and the Baalists and other pagans who used to roast their kids as a form of worship to their gods…

    What a world of difference, the Christian God dies on the cross to save His people from judgment, but the pagan gods want men to sacrifice himself and his posterity to the fires, as a form of worship.

  8. Our President has been using the BP debacle as a veil to hide other matters that he is enacting without a vote.
    There are two such matters this week alone:
    Please, see the Small Arms and Light Weapons Treaty that is promised to be signed and enacted by OBAMA and Clinton. This usurps the US Constitution. It makes it impotent.
    The second has already been signed BY EXECUTIVE ORDER: Lifestyle Behavior Modification. This effectively takes away the rights of individuals in all aspects. It’s extremely open ended. The Maoist and Communists used to use this type of control and still do in some places like china. Please, look at these new orders and treaties and find them oppressive as I do.
    I’m livid that all focus is on BP and money, instead of the core reason why this happened and the clean up. This should be a no brainer for a true leader. He is deliberately diverting our eyes, so that all we see is BP.

    reference –

  9. As i’ve written before; the elite is only interested to bring humankind
    totally under dictatorship, no matter at what costs.

  10. LMAO – Obama can’t even unify his own political party. They are leaving it. I know a couple of them here that actually went out and re-registered as Republicans. One of them joined the Republican Club in our area with me.

    What Obama has done is unify his opponents!! LMAO at that one!

  11. That doesn’t surprise me. He had an abyssmal work record in the Senate of which he was only a Senator for 100+ days. Then he voted ‘present’ most of the time.

    People keep saying he is intelligent. I don’t think so. What does he have to hide in his school record (well, besides that he got financial aid on being a foreigner and then claiming that he is a citizen – it is one or the other – and he isn’t coughing up).

    He surrendered his law license, as did Michelle. Lawyers usually don’t do that. Clinton only did it because he was forced to. But there is something fishy there too with the Obama’s law license.

    That article explains that there is something fishy going on in that area too.

    There is so many things that Obama could be given the boot for that I don’t know why our Congress thinks that they should ignore it. But they do and I just hope that people are wise this year in the polls!!

  12. * the Obamessiah went to play golf for 4 hours

    Isn’t golf unislamic, like suicide and soccer?

  13. and cricket and chess and music and dancing and enjoying life and having fun and thinking and educating girls and …and ..and..and life itself is anti islamic..It is a death cult. Let us not forget this.
    Americans are hypocrites..they are the world’s biggest guzzlers of oil..they are reason companies like BP have to drill so deep for oil..All the hand wringing over the poor pelicans is pure hypocrisy.

  14. You could make a commercial out of it:

    “We hate football, meat pies, infidels and Holden cars”

    Jeep Cherokees are OK, of course, endorsed by the Glasgow bomber.

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