Support Pamela Geller Against Defamation by Far Left Loons & the Islamo-Mafia!

Reuters Coverage: NYC “Leaving Islam” Freedom Buses Pamela Geller vs. 911 Mega Mosquer Daily Khan

Pamela Geller:

This is interesting. The video above is Reuters coverage of the “Leaving Islam” freedom buses that has been broadcast repeatedly on international television. It is a fairly evenhanded report, though the headline is adhering to sharia (Islamic) law, “NYC bus ads anger Muslims.“ What about apostates and former Muslims? Don’t they matter?  Wouldn’t a headline “NYC bus ads gives aid to apostates” be more appropriate? Why do the Islamic supremacists get all the media?

Reuters has 911 Mega Mosquer at Ground Zero, Daily Khan, attacking me. She states unequivocally that the bus ads are “deeply offensive,”  designed “to provoke” and “to polarize.”

Funny, that sounds like an apt description of the the 911 mega  mosque Khan and her fundamentalist hubby Imam Rauf are building on the hallowed burial ground of Ground Zero.

Daisy Khan makes the argument against the mosque unknowingly.

Oh and Daisy, Geller is the answer.

Mutual respect and mutual understanding only goes one way. Further, by Khan being against the bus ads, she is advocating for the killing of apostates as mandated in sharia law.

Remember – Sunday is D Day — be at Ground Zero by hook or by crook to protest the building of a 13 story mega mosque at the war memorial of Ground Zero. Noon at Church and Liberty Streets. Atlas Shrugs

The New York Slimes RICHARD BERNSTEIN tries a hit-job on Pamela Geller, fails:

“The Danger of Demonizing Adherents of Islam”

Here’s Richard (clueless) Bernstein:

Maybe, in the privacy of Islamic American society, there are similar threats. But certainly Ms. Geller’s various Web sites offer no evidence of them, despite a strenuous effort to do so. The site listed on that bus ad refers vaguely to an “honor killing” that took place 20 years ago in Arizona. It also reprints a news account from 2007 about a Muslim man living in Queens who stabbed his wife to death, a terrible crime, but there is no indication that this particular killing was perpetrated because the wife no longer wanted to be Muslim.

Richard needs to get out more. Please write him an E-MAIL:


This is deliberately inaccurate. I have an entire category devoted to Islamic honor killings. How dare the NY Times dismiss the lives of these girls, these women away with a wave of their leftist hand. Who are they to determine whose lives matter and whose don’t? Liberal fascism.

Disinformation: The Washington Post and The AP Lie By Omission, Whitewashing CAIR

CAIR characterizes the defense of free speech, the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for women — all of which are denied by islamic law — as “hate.” I don’t.

Pamela Geller:

The Washington Post did a piece on CAIR’s attack on free speech and truth. AP reporter Erik Schelzig contacted me for comment on CAIR’s lies and slander. Here is what I wrote to Schelzig. Not one word of my statement made it into the WaPo report, and nowhere is CAIR identified an unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood proxy.

This is a deliberate campaign to smear me and the tea parties with one stone. Here is the email exchange between me and the AP reporter.   The Washington Post: Whitewashing CAIR/read it all

3 thoughts on “Support Pamela Geller Against Defamation by Far Left Loons & the Islamo-Mafia!”

  1. * “The Danger of Demonizing Adherents of Islam”

    Follow doctrines of demons, and “demonize” yourself… noone does it for you.

  2. “The Danger of Demonizing Adherents of Islam”

    Sounds like “The Danger of Demonizing Nazis” or the “The Danger of Demonizing cannibals” or Satan worshippers…..

    I feel kind of shortchanged reading it because he doesn’t explain what ‘the danger’ actually is.

    Btw: Mark Steyn also wonders why our world is suddenly turned upside down and coppers protect the Koranimals from the cameras of peaceful citizens:

    The Sharia Squad

  3. Daisy Khan is going on the offensive because of the little bit of taqiyya Pamela used to get a speaking position during the 9/11 Mosque hearings.
    Daisy was overwhelmed. She was stupified. If she had only known of Pam’s intentions she would never have let her speak near the beginning of the presentation.
    Good job, Pamela; you have have the agressors on the retreat. However, they will use all the ammunition at their disposal to discredit you, defame you, perhaps even threaten your life and, God Forbid, take it.
    Your life is getting more dangerous by the minute. I highly recommend top security and more body guards. We all love you and would be lost without “your chutzpah “.

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