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KRudd’s Australia : Proscribed Muslim Terrorist Group permitted to hold HATE FEST in Sydney July 4 2010

Hizb ut- Tahrir wants a Caliphate

Hizb Ut-Tahrir Islamic conference spokesman Uthman Badar/Audio

Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks, says the Sydney leader of the global Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi.

He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society.

When our Federal attorney general is not writing character references for Iranian spy  Sheikh Mansour Leghaei that ASIO deems to be a threat to our National Security, his Labor Party is allowing these Islamic Terrorists / Supporters to gather like a pack of Jackals at their Sydney head quarters, 12 Bridge Street Lidcombe in the heart of the Labor Party created, Sydney’s Occupied Territories, to consort and conspire to further the objectives of their Islamic Terrorist Organization.

Good Work Australian Labor Party and your financiers the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australia’s “Working Families” really appreciate the great work you are doing.

Apropos Sheik Legahaei:

Sheik Mansour Leghaei is joined by supporters in a protest at Parliament House

Time running out for Iranian mullah spy


PROTESTERS held a ”funeral for justice” in Sydney yesterday, complete with coffin, but it may do little to prevent the deportation of the living Muslim preacher they came to save.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, whom ASIO accused of undisclosed ”acts of foreign interference”, has to leave by next Sunday – and his last hope of a reprieve has been dashed.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee had asked Immigration Minister Chris Evans to postpone the deportation order while it investigated an alleged breach of human rights for the Iranian sheikh and his family, who have lived in Sydney for 16 years.

Caliphate dreams in Chicago and Australia

But Senator Evans asked the UN committee to lift that interim request, arguing Australia had now granted permanent residency to Dr Leghaei’s wife and son, one of their four children. The minister’s office confirmed on Friday that the committee had withdrawn the request and that Dr Leghaei is expected to leave by the June 27 deadline.

”It makes me sick to the stomach,” said Anglican priest Dave Smith, among the Christian and Muslim supporters of Dr Leghaei who protested at Sydney Town Hall yesterday.

But the committee is still investigating alleged breaches of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the government has until October 21 to respond. Dr Leghaei’s lawyer, Navid Sedaghati, hoped the sheikh would be allowed to return to Australia if the UN found in his favour.

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  1. * He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society.

    There is no clash of civilisations. islam is peace, and compatible with democracy and western values. It is islamophobia to think otherwise, unless one of allah’s followers is telling the truth (stating the bleeding obvious).

    I don’t believe muslims will survive into the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, since they deny that He was crucified, and is the Son of God.

  2. “He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society.”
    Can’t quibble with that. Its the truth for a change.

    “Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks” he says. Where do we go to then? In particular, Lebanese Christians came here to escape Muslims but they followed them here. Where do they go now? Not the USA as Obama has declared it to no longer a Christian nation but an Islamic one, one of the largest Islamic countries on thr planet wasn’t it (eigth or something). Antartica or the Great Sandy Desert?

  3. ‘He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society.’

    What he’s saying then is that there will be trouble between the two communitites .
    And as his comminty is the one that doesn’t belong in Australia, his should be the one to go – if they don’t go , isn’t it a declaration of war ?

  4. We all know the truth is that they cannot coexist in Western society nor do they want to. What’s new about that you idiot! Just keep on going the way you are and you will get the swiftest kick up the ars from our country, your nose will bleed. Pack of camel drivers, and mother f…../s. Go back to the desert.

  5. Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks, says the Sydney leader of the global Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi.


    We will leave Muslim lands when all Muslim occupiers/settlers leave Christians lands. In the meantime, we are there to stay, and eliminate as many Jihadis we can.

  6. * “The struggle for islam in the West”

    I.e. jihad for islam in the West: ( search jihad struggle )

    Jihad (Struggle)
    Jihad means struggle to achieve. To convey the message of Allah to mankind according … Jihad of the Muslims is to struggle for achieving an Islamic state. …

    Read it, Kevin 747, and understand what your policies are unleashing.

  7. When will people finally realize the obvious: islamists – a group of religious nut-cases bent on destroying all that does not confirm their miniscule world view.

  8. More good news on the ABC:

    (A) Fraser attacks both sides over refugee policy

    [Speaking at an event to mark Refugee Week, Mr Fraser accused both major parties of exploiting vulnerable asylum seekers for political gain.

    “Basically the Government and the Opposition are competing to see who can be toughest,” he said.]

    A competition to see who could be toughest? Could have fooled me.


    (B) Asylum seekers protest in Darwin detention

    [The Immigration Department says 31 asylum seekers are continuing their protest at the Darwin detention centre.

    The protest began a week ago, with some asylum seekers refusing to eat.

    One protester was taken to hospital for a check-up on Saturday but is now back in detention.

    The department says the number of protesters fluctuates but as of this morning there were 31 people in the group.

    The protestors are all Rohingyan, a Muslim minority from Burma.]

    Just what we need – rohingyan muslims already whinging in the Dar al Harb.

  9. Say no to a Caliphate in Australia, say no to Shari’a in Australia! A vigil against Hizb ut-Tahrir

    Hizb ut-Tahrir is planning another one of their ‘Jihad conferences’, see http://www.hizb-australia.org/conference-2010/conference. This one is set for Sunday, July 4 at Grand Westella, 12 Bridge Street Lidcombe, NSW.

    The previous one they held in Australia featured Islamic fundamentalists preaching for the formation of a global caliphate. Such a ‘caliphate’ can only be achieved by violent Jihad or ‘holy war’ as has been demonstrated in the 1,400 years of violence and slaughter driven by that evil engine of oppression, Islam.

    The Jihad against India and the resulting Hindu Holocaust occurred under an Islamic Caliphate which caused the deaths of tens of millions of Hindus and Buddhists.

    The Armenian genocide, during which over 1,000,000 Christian Armenians were exterminated by Muslims, occurred in the dying years of the Ottoman caliphate and provided the blueprint for Hitler’s “final solution.”

    Mass murder and genocide is the legacy of Islamic caliphates, is that a legacy we want to leave for our children?

    Join our peaceful vigil on July 4th to highlight the victims of Islamic imperialism and to reject the ideology of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Contact Darrin (0431 739 260) or Nick (0417 679 972).

    About Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT):

    HT conferences around the world suggest that the group is currently in the second stage of its goal of establishing a global Islamic government. In commemoration of the anniversary of the abolishment of the Islamic caliphate 85 years ago, HT is holding worldwide events throughout the summer, calling “on Muslims around the world to mobilize … See … See MoreMoreto re-establish the Islamic Khilafah.” In addition to the July 19 conference in Oak Lawn, Illinois, events are taking place in Ukraine, Mauritius, Lebanon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Britain, Indonesia, Sudan and Turkey, among other places.

    HT claims that it does not engage in violent activities and generally espouses a policy of nonviolence. However, in a January 2010 press release, HT calls for violence against U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. The group accuses “US crusaders” of killing nine school children and injuring 85 others in Afghanistan. “Such incidents,” HT says in the press release “has to be answered by sharp swords of Muslim united armies under a true Muslim leader (Imam/K), not by few words of condemnations, rallies and demonstrations or submissions of list of demands to the UN’s or Human Rights, which are the protector of these crusaders, not us.”

    Its position on nonviolence is complicated by its admission that “jihad” is compulsory for Muslims in an Islamic country to fight their perceived enemies. According to the group’s Web site, “the members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in that country are a part of the Muslims and it is obligatory upon them as it is upon other Muslims, in their capacity as Muslims, to fight the enemy and repel them.” HT’s long record of hostility toward Israel and the Jews also belies HT’s claim that it does not espouse or condone violence.

    The radicalization of HT members who adhere to the group’s extremist ideology can also lead to violent acts. In 2007, German police arrested three men on suspicion of plotting to bomb military and civilian airports, restaurants and nightclubs. Two of the men were allegedly Uzbek members of the HT splinter cell Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), which carried out a terrorist attack against the American and Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan in July 2004.

    Janet Albrechtsen writes about Hizb-ut Tahrir -> http://blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/janetalbrechtsen/index.php/theaustralian/comments/it_is_time_we_banned_hizb_ut_tahrir/

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