"The French State Has Capitulated Once Again…"

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FRENCH are outraged as ‘ANTI-ISLAMIZATION’ pork and wine party is banned by police

The event was planned for Friday evening at a time when the district’s streets are usually jammed with Muslims coming out of mosques and just before Algeria were due to play England in the football World Cup.

But police banned the event and any rival gatherings in the Goutte d’Or area of northern Paris’ 18th arrondissement, or district, saying in a statement that it was likely to cause “serious risks to public order.”

The plan had sparked outrage from politicians and anti-racism/pro-Islamist groups who said it was blatantly racist and could lead to violence on the streets.

Wine & sausages are “blatantly racist” now? Heaven help us! WTF is going on?

The controversy comes after a government-sponsored debate on national identity earlier this year spotlighted anxieties about the integration of France’s five to six million Muslims.

The original idea for the Goutte d’Or party, or “apero geant” as it was called in French, apparently came from a local woman who set up a Facebook page announcing the event to fight against what she saw as the increasing “Islamisation” of her area.

The woman, who uses the pseudonym Sylvie Francois on Facebook, told Liberation newspaper that she no longer felt at home in the neighbourhood where she had lived all her life. “People of French origin can’t have a drink in peace there. If you are a woman you get hostile looks if you’re not wearing an (Islamic) veil,” she said.

Gee, who would have thought? I thought it was all about ‘choice’ and that we male chauvinist pigs should not be telling women what to wear?

Her party idea, whose Facebook page by Tuesday had nearly 7,000 members, urged revellers to bring along a bottle of wine and a “saucisson”, the sliced, cold sausage that is a staple of traditional French before-dinner drinks.

But the plan was then taken up by far-right and far-left extremist groups who publicised it on other Internet sites. One of these groups, Riposte Laique (Secular Response), which presents itself as a far-left anti-religious group, said the street party was meant to be a “festive” response to the “fascist-Islamist offensive in France”. The group’s founder Pierre Cassen told i-Tele news channel that “religious militia were occupying the public space” in many streets in the Goutte d’Or area.

The run-down district is dominated by people of north African and sub-Saharan African origin, and its mosques are so full on Fridays, the Muslim day of prayers, that many believers end up praying on the streets outside. The street party, whose two main components of pork and alcohol are forbidden by Islamic teaching, was scheduled to be held on Rue Myrha, where there is a mosque.

A French government minister of Algerian descent, Fadela Amara, on Tuesday condemned the planned party as “hateful, racist and xenophobic”.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe for his part voiced concern that the drinks party could turn violent, while the head of the main Paris mosque located in another area invited the faithful to attend prayers there to avoid clashes.

A rival group on Facebook had set up a “halal and mint tea” party in response to the pork and wine event.

The deputy leader of France’s far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, slammed the ban on the event, saying “the French state has capitulated once again”. Vancouver Sun

Must watch video: Paris streets before and after the Muselmanic invasion

This is the area in question: View Larger Map

But hey, not to worry:

French govt signs “framework convention” to log “anti-Muslim racism”

What race is Islam again?

In a sane world, with a sane France, the French government would be calling upon Muslims in the country to demonstrate with acts, not just words, that they oppose jihad terrorism, Islamic supremacism, and efforts to impose Sharia in whole or part upon France. Instead, they have bought entirely into the Islamic groups’ “racism” victimhood claim, acting against “anti-Muslim racism” with no reciprocal action or request made to the Muslim community at all.

“French government signs convention on anti-Muslim racism,” from KUNA, June 17 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Muslims in France (or anywhere in the dar al harb) are under no obligation to honor any “agreement” or treaty with their kuffar victims. Says so right in the Qur’an.

PARIS, June 17 (KUNA) — French authorities signed here Thursday a “framework convention” with Muslim leaders to help log anti-Muslim racism in this country, the Interior Ministry said.The framework convention was signed between Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux and the President of the French Council for the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Mohammad Mussawi, whose organization represents the majority of Frances almost six million Muslims.
Hortefeux, for his part, is responsible as Interior Minister for relations with Frances religious groups.

The agreement signed Thursday will lead to the “implementation of a statistical and operational follow-up on anti-Muslim acts,” the Interior Ministry said….

Hugh Fitzgerald wonders:

But what about the reverse?

What about logging the number of anti-Infidel incidents, against individuals, companies, and the organs of the French state, from schoolteachers to police, committed by Muslims? Will these be logged, and the results made available, in exactly the same way, as the results of these promised loggings of “anti-Muslim” activities?

After all, the French authorities studiously avoid releasing figures on Muslim atttacks on Infidels, and they never identify by background those who are responsible for all sorts of criminal attacks. And even the attacks inside schools, on teachers and other students — once an unheard-of event but now so common — are, when publicly reported, always given without any identifying mention of the perpetrators.

If Muslims have a right to “know” about “anti-Muslim” acts, then French people, and the many non-Muslim immigrants (Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindus, and so on) have at least as great a right to know about Muslim acts against them, and not have to endure any longer being kept in the dark, when everyone in France really knows who is doing what, and to whom.

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  1. France makes a step forward, just in on EL jiz, France pulls the plug on Hamas TV!

    It seems they complained to Eutelsat (EU TV sat operator) that Hamas TV was anti Semitic and incites violence. Consequently they are being disabled from uplinking the transponder covering EU.

    Naturally the interviewee at the TV station lies his face of in the true islamic way and denies they do any such thing. Don’t they know all their vile crap is recorded and translated by MEMRI?

    Also 5 Somali pirates sent down for 5 years in Rotterdam court today. One defendant says only one thing to the judge ” you do this cause i am a muslim”. Personally I prefer the Russian option!

  2. France fight back? Just shown on ELJiz, France complained to Eutelsat (Eu satellite operator) about Hamas TV content inciting violence and inciting hatred of Jews.

    Consequently Eutelsat are dropping them off the transponder completely .

    In the true islamic way, the interviewee at the TV station denied these charges.

    Jeez, and I was waiting on the bee and mouse to come out of the well with the 12th imam.

  3. OT but more good EU news, 5 Somali Pirates sent down for 5 years today in Rotterdam court.
    The pirate only says to the judge “you do this because I am moslem,”

    Plays the victim card. Personally I prefer the Russian option! No risk of them applying for residency after getting out of jail.

  4. * Also 5 Somali pirates sent down for 5 years in Rotterdam court today.

    The once-great-British navy won’t capture Somali pirates, in case they apply for asylum.

  5. I agree Sri – out the back and bang – and make their miserable embassy pay for the bullet.

  6. FRENCH are outraged as ‘ANTI-ISLAMIZATION’ pork and wine party is banned by police

    Good. A few more bans of normal French activities to please and mollify the unappeasable, and we might get somewhere. I know that we in the UK, are reaching a breaking point.

  7. They are not really coming out of any mosques. They are actually praying IN the streets, which totally blocks the circulation, for both cars, bikes and pedestrians.

    Should be verified, but they even seem to come from areas outside the city to take part in the illegal blocking of these streets of Paris each Friday. They have their own “security” people, in this video seen inspecting the troups.

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