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Update: Indonesia, our ‘friend & ally:’

Only 13 of 70 Bali terrorists remain in jail

More than 400 Islamic extremists were in Indonesia’s jails and some had been “radicalised” even more in prison: “We think there are about 150 in the JI who will transfer out (of jail) in the next 18 months, 10 per cent of them are still in that extremist category,”

Fatah terrorists don’t like Hamas competition; blame Jooozzz…. J’Post

Ireland discovers new enemy: da Jooozzz! J’Post

Bin Laden farts again; will kill us all (AKI)

Would-be Bin Laden killer arrested: kook or tough cookie? Jawa Report

No compulsion in religion: Afghan Christians Flee Death Sentence… (ROP)

Integration failure

This family of immigrants to multicultural Canada was hailed as an example of Islamic compatibility with Western values - up until last Sunday, when the teen girl on the left was stabbed by her mother for shaming the family by staying out late. (ROP) Montreal Mom Stabs Teen Girl – Attempted Honor Killing…


“Backlash” in California/Irvine: FANTASTIC! UC Irvine MUSLIM HATE GROUP suspended

“Backlash” worries: Left Wing Terrorist Sympathizers worry that anti-Muslim “bigotry” is becoming acceptable

Misunderstanders of Islam attack: Terrorist attack thwarted at MacDill Air Force base in Florida

Generous Obambi: Obama is giving his Muslim brothers in Gaza 7.5 times more financial aid than Haiti

Still looking for “moderate” Taliban peace partners? How Barack Hussein Obama LOST the war in Afghanistan

Rape of Israeli/Jewish  women “legitimate” Mohammedan warfare:  via PI

Images: Stop the Mosque Protest/Jawa Report