Turkey Never Was a Friend of Ours

Turkey may no longer be a friend of ours, says Alan Howe

I dare say Turkey never was a friend of ours. The only thing that connects us is the blood of our dead heroes in Gallipoli. Stop putting lipstick on a pig!

Herald Sun

YOU know what rabies does to dogs?

It inflames their brains, they have spasms of involuntary violent behaviour, eventually go mad, froth at the mouth, and will bite the hand that feeds them.

Gaza has rabies.


Well, sort of. Actually, its disease is an infestation of self-loathing, ungrateful Islamists. But the symptoms and the prognosis are much the same.

Iran also shows some rabid symptoms – and is appropriately led by the barking-mad President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – as do many of the countries in the Arab world.

Right now, in a change that might yet develop into the greatest threat to those of us who choose to remain civilised, it seems Turkey may be incubating the disease.

If Turkey, a full member of the world’s most important security club, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, falls under the influence of the Islamists, we are all in trouble.

The United Nations last week voted in new sanctions against Iran, aimed at punishing the country whose nuclear program could easily be used to destroy Israel – and that’s top of their agenda – before having a crack at any other democracies within rocket fire range.

The lying tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who stole last year’s “elections” in Iran, does not believe Israel, or any of its allies, should exist, and hopes to kill us all.

Ahmadinejad was scraped like a piece of scum on to this earth in late 1956, and is embarked on a straight line to Hell, his only distraction being the slaughter of as many innocents as he can rack up in between.

By his standards he’s doing well. His agents are raping and killing their way through those Iranian kids brave enough to protest at last year’s illegal elections farce.

Public executions, where innocents are slowly and agonisingly strangled, not hanged, from mobile cranes are a specialty.

Don’t think for a moment that Australians aren’t in his sights.

“Anyone who recognises Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury,” he once spat out, a dribble of saliva suggesting he is more than unwell.

Last week’s UN Security Council vote on sanctions against Iran records that Lebanon abstained, but that Turkey opposed the motion.

Even China and Russia, hardly stalwarts of the West, see the danger that an unstable Turkey chooses not to and cast their votes against the rogue Iranians.

The fact is Turkey may no longer be a friend of ours.

Notwithstanding the extraordinary and shared experience at Gallipoli, and the strong bonds between Australia and Turkey that have grown from them, when it comes to the centenary of that campaign – less than five years from now – it is very possible we will be enemies once more. This time the stakes are much higher.

We lost against the Turks in 1915. We cannot afford them to win in 2010.

The Turks own the story of Troy. You think they’d know a Trojan horse when they saw one. But when it came to the re-election of their Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, they didn’t. Seemingly a moderate when first voted in five years earlier, this hardliner has hoodwinked his people.

As it turns out, as Mayor of Istanbul, one of the world’s biggest cities, the charismatic Erdogan was an extraordinarily skilled leader, transforming the metropolis’s transport and water and power systems.

He mostly chose to hide his Muslim extremism, although he had famously been jailed after stating about his soon-to-be banned Welfare Party that “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and faithful our soldiers”.

Once out of jail he formed the “moderate” – although it now sounds like another Trojan hurdler – Justice and Development Party.

No matter what colours he has tried to show since gaining power, his true ambitions became clear when he supported last month’s so-called Freedom Flotilla of boats carrying what they claimed was aid to the people of Gaza.

In a stunt organisers knew would end in tears, six vessels carrying 663 deluded “friends” of Gaza attempted to sail there without authority to deliver “aid”.

Gaza, which is in the grip of the terror movement Hamas, is rightly blockaded by both Israel and Egypt, the most influential Islamic nation in the region, because its aim is to export radical Islamic revolution to those countries that might be susceptible – and to destroy those that aren’t.

The almost non-stop rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are all the evidence you need.

A Turkish-flagged vessel, the MV Mavi Marmara, led the blind last month and, as we all know, was intercepted by the Israeli defence forces, which dropped stun grenades on to the ship before boarding.

Interestingly, the Turkish Muslim men on board – their subservient women presumably behind burkas at home where they belong – had not just prepared themselves to become “martyrs”, they appear to have had some combat training, not blinking at the grenades that would have you and me shocked and seeking cover.

In any case, they were hardly seeking to become martyrs in the noble Christian sense of persecuted believers being killed for daring to keep faith in Christ while being taunted for their religion; these are angry, murderous blokes hell-bent on provoking a response from a democracy – just like Australia’s – obliged to protect its borders and people.

Turkey’s leader, Erdogan, called it a “massacre” of unarmed humanitarian volunteers, but he knows better.

Three of the four Turks killed in the encounter sought martyrdom, according to their relatives and friends. Apparently they had prayed to Allah to grant them their wish. In the end, Allah seems to have done rather less than the Israeli Defence Forces, which took on most of the heavy lifting to dispatch these fellows to the hereafter.

In a little-reported episode a few days after the mostly ill-informed news swept the world about the deaths on the flotilla of fools – manned by earnest, but ignorant volunteers from around the globe – four Kassam rockets were launched into the Israeli towns of Sderot and Ashkelon.

No one was killed, but that wasn’t the plan. For Hamas, and the possibly reluctant recruits it has exploited in the blighted region it intends to return to the Stone Age, it was business as usual.

One thought on “Turkey Never Was a Friend of Ours”

  1. I agree that Turkey would never have been considered a friend, more like some one you know and have no particular feelings either way but never quite trusted knowing what they done in the past.

    Not that any one would want them as a friend, they dhimified and suppressed all those who involved with their Ottoman empire and claim it was all very peaceful. What horse shit!.

    While fighting the Anzac troops at Galipolli they were very busy brutally exterminating the Armenians in the north in true Islamic style. Over their rein of terror, they raped and pillaged their way to India, conducted the Assyrian genocide, followed by the Armenian genocide, then they displaced and drove all of the Greek Christians out of Anatolia.

    Their jihadi style incursions in to the Balkans are the root cause of ongoing Islamic problems in the Balkans to this very day.

    They have been the source of, or involved with countless Islamic attacks in to Russia over the centuries, In fact about the only real enemy the Russians have had till Hitler had a go at them.

    Whats worse is as a people and as a country today they refuse to accept guilt for these things and jail any Turk who mentions them. Even though these events were witnessed and documented in the true Islamic way they choose to rewrite history.

    Then more recently they invade Northern Cyprus 1974 and steal everything, driving out the non moslem inhabitants then replacing them it with additional migrant Turks.

    And then they think they can cash in and join Europe just because they are in NATO? I advance the theory that they are in NATO only because it suited every one else in NATO during the cold war days.

    They belong in bed with their new Iranian and Hamas mates be cause they have never been a friend to anyone else.

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