Good Riddance to the Jew-haters and Terrorists on the Flotilla to Gaza, Shame on Their Domestic Apologists and Supporters on the Left

By David Horowitz

Desmond, my favorite Asshole…..

Desmond Tutu has condemned the Israelis for defending their waters and their soldiers and for dealing with armed jihadists as armed jihadists should be dealt with. This particular unsavory crew launched their attack with chants celebrating Mohammed’s murder of Jews in the 7th century, which should be a crucial reminder to everyone in denial that the genocidal elements of Islam are alive and well in the minds of  Muslim fanatics today. Desmond Tutu should have been tried along time ago for his complicity in the necklacing  murders of black South Africans who fell out of favor with the Stalinists who ran the ANC and their witch-in-chief, Winnie Mandela. And the sicko Jews who thoughtlessly cheer Tutu and these neo-Nazis on (see in particular Salon’s Glenn Greenwald’s tweets) should earn every civilized person’s utter disgust.

This will give you a feel for what the Israelis had to deal with when boarding the Turkish “humanitarian aid” ship:  Humanitarian Activism, Turkish style/Jawa Report

Frontpage Mag:

6 thoughts on “Tutututututut…….”

  1. I beg to differ with Glenn Greenwald (good name “Green-walled”).

    The Israelis did find arms on board the ship. They also found rocket-making materials, flammables, knives, guns, and fireworks that could be used in the manufacture of explosives.
    The videos are found at “the Israeli project”.

  2. The Gaza Flotilla was slated to arrive at around 29/30th of May. Has this anything to do with the fall of Constantinople on 29 May 1453 to the Turks?

  3. The lesson to be learned here is that Israel should have torpedoed this flotilla then denied everything (blame Fatah?) like the North Koreans did recently. The Norks know that it is better to be feared than loved, and the sooner Israelis learn this the better.

  4. I wonder what Turkey would have done, if an Israely ship would have tried to dock in Istanbul, when they were warned not to do it.
    Would Turkey have reacted how they do the Kurds or the Armenians?
    Tiny Israel surrounded by Moslim countries, who all scream death to Israel etc. etc.
    Israel just have to grin and bare it all?
    Nobody talks about the Palestinian people who live in Jordan as 2 nd hand citizens.
    Israel left Gaza 5 years ago. What happened to all the ho thouses they left behind, all destroyed.
    How long before the Israeli soldier who is held by Hamas will be released? Many prisoners have been released by Israel.
    When will Hamas stop sending rockets into Gaza, may be than they can come up with a solution to the Gaza problem.

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