Condom Kingdom

UK: Condoms for cameras in Muslim areas…

Because spying on Muslims is un-Islamic. Can’t have that!

What’s next?  No filming of Muslims at airports?  It makes them feel bad. It makes them feel as if they are being watched. We can’t have that.

Not to worry: The “Yuman Rites” industry and the usual Mohammedan suspects are already on the case:

Politically correctly dressed police sniffer dog, UK (for sensitive police raids on Muslim terrorists)

UK: Plastic bags to be put over “terror cameras” to avoid offending Muslims

Just when you thought Absurd Britannia couldn’t get any more absurd, there comes this news. I am not in favor of surveillance cameras in the first place, but if you’re going to have them at all, and they’re designed to fight against terrorism, then to cover them up in precisely the areas where terrorism is most likely to be being plotted is suicidally stupid.

“Plastic bags to be put over Birmingham ‘terror cameras,'” from the BBC, June 17 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Bags are to be put over scores of surveillance cameras in parts of Birmingham with large Muslim populations, after local objections.

Safer Birmingham Partnerships (SBP) said 216 cameras were put up including covert ones, mainly in the Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook districts.

The cameras were financed through a counter-terrorism fund, but the SBP said they would tackle all crime.

And even after this the local Councillor, a Muslim, is acting as if the authorities have to prove themselves to the Muslims, not that Muslims have to show themselves to be loyal citizens who reject jihad terrorism and Islamic supremacism:

Councillor Salma Yaqoob said people had lost faith in the authorities.

We featured the fanatical Salma here on a few occasions, she belongs to the ultra radical ‘RESPECT’ party, which urges Muslims to end police co-operation

‘Sneaky handling’

The Respect Party councillor for Sparkbrook said: “In terms of reassurance it’s going to take a lot more than plastic bags.

“The residents have lost faith with the authorities for their sneaky handling of the way they went about this and will not be reassured until they have been told the locations of the hidden cameras too.

SBP said 72 cameras had been placed covertly and would not be covered by the plastic bags….

The cameras were financed through the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (Acpo) Terrorism and Allied Matters (TAM)….

Check out Salma Yaqoob’s website and blogs:

She has a whole “shopping list” of Muslim “concerns and grievances” about which she is offended. That must be pleasing to the Ummah.

Another complaining councillor was “Mohammed Ishtiaq”.

“Respect councillor, Mohammed Ishtiaq, said they had been “100% misled” about the cameras, and were not told they would appear on side streets”.

……Of course, there are never any Muslim terrorists in side streets, are there?

Tanveer Choudhry, a Liberal Democrat councillor for the Springfield ward, said he received “misleading information” from a council employee.

“We were not told where the cameras would go – the areas – or what they would be used for,” he said.

…….And, finally, the inevitable claim for victim status.

He added: “I have had a lot of people who are very concerned. The community feels like it is being victimised. The message is, if you live in a predominantly Muslim area, you’re a suspected terrorist.”

Other councillors said they only became aware of the scheme when contract workers started digging up the pavement. They said the cameras threatened the trust between the Muslim community and police.

Dhimmi government, anyone?

This is one up from ‘sensitive police raids’ or dog shoes to avoid staining the prayer carpets….

This is like letting Mohammedans pass through airport security without  checking their identiy under the burqa’s and niqabs, not insisting that they go through the bodyscanners because it is “against Islam” and might offend them, but making everyone else go through them. Or telling soldiers to walk around Afganistan and Iraq with unloaded weapons, oh wait…

Western civilization plans to destroy itself … to avoid offending Muslims. Makes sense, no?

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  1. Sheer lunacy – well done Birmingham. I suspect that the real inhabitants are fed up to the core of the idiots who manage the police and staff the council.

  2. * Take your shoes off, no dogs and …

    Next thing you know Ahmed’s a refugee
    Wives and kin said let’s move from Afghani
    They said Birmingham’s the place we ought to be
    So they came to the UK on a truck through Italy

  3. * Politically correctly dressed police sniffer dog

    Monty Python was only joking with the Comfy Chairs sketch

  4. Just listening to the morons from BBC World twaddling on – So BBC world – I don’t watch you morons any more.

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