UK: Mohammedanism Faces Hard Sell; New Campaign Launched to Spread Islam

More than half the British population associate Islam with extremism (58%) and terrorism (50%)

These misconceptions about the Religion of Peace must be countered, or else…!

Progressive Muzz:

Across London, a drive to reveal Islam’s progressive’ face – Times of India

LONDON: Advertisements targeting British misconceptions about Islam are being launched across London.

Posters include a photograph of a female lawyer, who is wearing a veil, next to the text, “I believe in women’s rights. So did Muhammad.” Another shows a charity worker beside a headline which says: “I believe in social justice. So did Muhammad.”

The high profile media campaign, commissioned by the Exploring Islam Foundation, will include adverts at bus stops, tube stations and on London’s iconic cabs. A new website has been launched to explain Islam’s ethical principles and core beliefs. (Times of India)

A previous campaign didn’t go all that well….

“The rights of women” in Islam include FGM, child-marriage, wife beating and “being deficient…”

Doubling up on bullsh*t: the jihad-commie convergence in overdrive:

‘We must unite to stop the war on Muslims’

Interesting view. Never knew there was a war on Muslims. Didn’t Obambi declare “we will NEVER be at war with Islam?”  I thought it was Muhammad, profit of Islam, who declared “I have been commanded to wage war on all mankind until “religion is only for Allah.”


Activists, journalists and trade unionists have urged communities nationwide to fight the “last socially acceptable form of racism” – Islamophobia.

“They were trying to ban the hijab in the supposed cause of progress and freedom, but actually in the cause of empire and repression. In its modern incarnation Islamophobia is the direct result and ideological underpinning of modern imperial wars, of occupation and intervention.” Morning Star, 7 June 2010

27 thoughts on “UK: Mohammedanism Faces Hard Sell; New Campaign Launched to Spread Islam”

  1. Need some ideas for my counter-campaign, should I find any of these posters and have a conveniently placed black marker in my back pocket. Here’s a few thoughts to kick it off:

    “I believe that islam should rule the world under a shady medieval government called the caliphate…. so did muhammed!”

    “I believe that only muslims are innocent and kuffars are guilty of crimes against allah, but I keep this a secret so I can trick gullible infidels into believing that islam condemns attacks against innocents…… so did muhammed!”

    “I kidnap young kuffar girls and sell them into sexual slavery……. so did muhammed!”

    “I beat my wife because she had her period while I was savagely raping her, but only because she was possessed by the devil…… so did muhammed!”

    “I came to this country, not for a better life, but to turn it into the same feral wasteland that I came from…… so did muhammed!”

    The possibilities are literally limitless, and ALL that I manage to pull off will be linked to on this site. Come on people, get the creative juices flowing and give me a hand!!!! Can’t wait till I start seeing these posters!!!

  2. The counter-counter- campaign will be SO EASY!

    The Western female lawyer displayed alongside an Eastern female lawyer! Oh, wait…’s a blank. Where did that silly little woman go. Oh, that’s right…she’s at home in her burqa. She’s not allowed to have a career.

    Beside the Western charity worker have bits of a blown up aid worker in Afghanistan. Oh, wait…..where is she….Oh that’s right she got blown up because she was too Western and she was prosletysing.

  3. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was crucified for my sins. Muhammad denied it.

  4. Total lunacy by government. The UK are broke with staggering deficits, the claim its back to post WW2 broke. Today Cameron is announcing the situation is worse than expected, everyone is going to feel it. Today he wants to save 60 million a year cutting public services.

    Yet last week he announces more millions ( was it 18 million?) in aid from UK to Gaza! No action to stop the non Eu migrant benifit gravy train, and now funding fraudulent “Islam is nice” projects.

    Government funding for projects such as this should be stopped immediately, and if any organization want to put signs like this on public bus shelters and lamp posts there should be a rather large fee payable in each instance.

    Tax booze, tax cigarettes, tax motorist’s, time to tax islam. I don”t understand the taxman missing such an easy target.

    Secondly, in reality these figures are probably higher, people feel like this because of what moslems do, and have done, in the UK and all around the world. People have started to see for themselves what islam is really about and reacting accordingly.
    That’s why these figures only apply to Islam and moslems. Hindus and Jehovah’s and all other religions are not viewed so negatively.

    So how about

    The UK government wants to take my benefits, so do the followers of Mohammad.

  5. Login into the “islam is nice” site and leave a comment. I resent having my money being given to these ignorant muslim twats in order to propogate their poisonous religion.

  6. I’l bet that yellow car gets coined if its left on the street.

    Also I read on one Brit site they were arming them selves with half inch textas.

  7. If you’re a muslim male , then …
    I love myself – so did mohammed

    Aid to gaza –
    That’s my tax money !

  8. * Fanatical Frenzy Watch; Kashmir: underpants spark riots

    Dome of the Cock?

    * New Campaign Launched to Spread Islam

    Mo Lied. People Died!

  9. A campaign to improve the image of Islam has been launched after an opinion poll found that more than half of British people associate the religion with extremism and terrorism.

    Ha Ha Ha. The only religion, in fact the only alleged religion of peace, that needs a public campaign to improve its image. What a laugh. The fact is that despite the continuous propaganda on behalf of Islam by the MSM and the BBC, the public can sense the truth of the sheer evil of Islam.

    Whose bright idea was it to allow tens of millions of Muslims into the West? Now we are confronted by an existential problem.

  10. So here goes on behalf of Islam

    I believe in marrying 6 year olds – so did Muhammed.

    I believe in massacring Jews – so did Muhammed.

    I believe in lying to further Islam – – so did Muhammed.

    I believe in sharia – so did Muhammed, but not applicable to Muhammed.

    I believe in Slavery – so did Muhammed.

    I believe in degrading the environment till it is a desert.- so did Muhammed. Just look at any Muslim country, and see its environmental condition. the only ones that have improved are the oil rich nations – as they pay others to do the work. I think it was Churchill who said that where the Arab goes, follows the desert.

    The very fact that Muslims feel the need to lie, in obvious contradiction to the facts, shows the mendacity that Muslims will go to defend the indefensible.

    Whose bright idea was it to allow tens of millions of Muslims into the West? Now we are confronted by an existential problem.

  11. Who is funding this operation?

    I know that the Quilliam Foundation, another highly suspect, no, a Taqqiya spouting Islamic foundation, is being funded by the tax payer.

    It wont surprise me if this is the case here as well.

    Why? Why do these Quisling politicians subvert their own civilisation? They are Quislings is one answer. The other reason is that having, in a moment of stupidity, allowed in millions of Muslims, they have no alternative but to fund such organisations. If they don’t, then the truth will out, and they will be held responsible for the murder of their own civilisation. So they persist in funding these Taqqiya organisations, hoping

    1. That the moderate Islam will somehow be found.

    2. They will long be dead by the time the full impact of Islam in the West is felt. Hello Bosnia.

  12. Hello DP111, just advancing thoughts further along your question. Whose bright idea was it to allow tens of millions of Muslims into the West?

    Firstly I think its only a matter of time until two every violent catastrophic things happen, It is possible they may end up inter-twined. 1- The muslims are going to hit Israel, they just have to get those Jews. And 2- there will be a bloody revolt against muslims present in western countries.

    Even now, more than 65 years after ww2, 95 year old men are being dragged before war crimes courts. It appears they have worked through the Nazis and now Nazi collaborators and facilitators from eastern block countries are being tracked down. People like local police and local leaders in occupied countries who enabled the nazi’s to locate their victims.

    There is every chance that those who allow and assist muslims to invade the west today will be called to account for their actions even in their twilight years 50 years from now.

    I believe in payback and revenge, so did mohammed

  13. Sri wrote: I believe in payback and revenge, so did mohammed

    Good one.

    Sri, you are right. There will be payback for those who have destroyed the internal peace of the West by importing unassimmalable Muslims, and creating problems that are existential in nature. They deserve the payback.

    I just hope that we do not have to divide the West, as Serbia and Bosnia were.
    I believe in killing poets and artists who criticise Islam – so did Muhammed.

  14. The sp@@m f!!lter will get upset if I post too many links, but inspired by Mo has its own youtube channel with 13 propaganda videos:

    Apparently [Sarah Joseph, editor of the Muslim lifestyle magazine Emel] is [an ambassador for the foundation behind the Muslim poster campaign], which supposedly is not government funded, though I wouldn’t be too sure of that – [For credibility within the community, it is particularly significant that there is no government funding or involvement of any kind.]

  15. Another link to a blog on The Times, lauding muslims, & with usual suspects and useful dhimmies (Prince of Wales) …

    Islam, prisons, the Prince of Wales: ‘Divine Harmony’

    [The Prince of Wales is among those who have been trying to help for years. He is due to speak at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on Islam and the environment tomorrow, if his chest infection allows. Last time he spoke at the centre, this is what he said:

    ‘One area on which I have been focusing, with Farhan [Nizami]’s great assistance, is the teaching of the Scriptures on Mankind’s stewardship of the natural environment. I was delighted with the positive and practical outcomes of the recent Ditchley conference on ‘Islam and the Environment’ that discussed ways of raising awareness of traditional Muslim concepts and practices and considered how these can be applied in the protection of our natural environment.]

    [Yesterday I spoke to Sarah Joseph, editor of the Muslim lifestyle magazine Emel and an ambassador for the foundation behind the Muslim poster campaign. She admitted: ‘The YouGov survey is quite worrying. If you compare it with the 2002 survey it seems to show increased levls of ignorance and hostility. Obviously a lot has happened. The 7/7 bombers came to the streets of London. It is increasingly worrying that we cannot seem to turn it around in terms of the public’s opinion about the faith or about ordinary Muslims. There is a very skewed level of engagement with Islam.’

    She said Muslims had grown stronger. They no longer had the choice of hiding below the radar. ‘We have to be answerable. Muslims have this craving for respect. Muslims need to be confident. With confidence, they can contribute to the common good. This campaign is a short-term fix. We need long-term initiatives too. But this will be well-received by Muslims who will feel something positive is being done.’ ]

    [Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, which is electing its new general secretary this weekend, was representative of the relief felt by so many Muslims that at last a new positive campaign is under way. For credibility within the community, it is particularly significant that there is no government funding or involvement of any kind.]

  16. Even I could get off on the Mohammad thong.
    That makes Islam rather exciting, does it not?
    It’s too bad they can’t enjoy it, however. Too bad, so sad!
    Thanks, Sheik!

  17. It is not just letting them in to western countries that is the problem, it is all the breeding they do IN COMFORT when they get there. In 1980 , Muslim leaders said..”We will not need to take Europe by the sword , we will take Europe with our children.” Outbreeding is their weapon of choice…who needs kalishnikofs?
    I am claiming every welfare benefit known to man for myself my seven wives and my 59 children , I also drive a taxi and work in my cousins kebab shop in the afternoons..I manage to scrape up a few dollars to send back to my brothers for the purchase of their favourites toys..Ak47s . I wish I could send more money but so many mouths to feed…Allah be praised…what Big Bad Mo would be doing if he was alive today.

  18. Theresaj,
    Your statement echoes concisely the grounds as to why we should be lobbying our governments to remove benefits to these parasites. Only we can do this and we need to act now.

  19. Typical, no matter whether liberal or conservative, it’s more of the same. In every country in the West there is a titanic split between the government class and the common people. The latter are asleep and keep voting the jackasses into office that will keep flushing us until we wake up and flush them.

    By the way, who is that girl?…

  20. Which girl?
    A large percentage of refugees coming into our country are muslim..they are usually still on benefits five years on despite having thousands of dollars thrown at them…cheap housing , free medical care English leassons…you name it , it is free..and of course they pass several muslim countries on the way here.
    Some politicans in the US are starting to campaign to get the US out of the UN..otherwise known as Ugly Nations since it was taken over by the mullahs..Refugees are in western countries courtesy of agreements with the UN so this is something else to campaign about Kaw.

  21. Agreed Theresaj. The UN is now without purpose and serves little useful purpose, but we also need to remove the mohammedan influence from our politics as well. What girl Arius?

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