UK: More Sharia Needed!

“Islamophobia”, Europe’s Biggest Problem!

Europe’s largest intergovernmental human rights watchdog has warned that intolerance toward Islam and Muslims in Europe has been increasing in recent years and urged immediate action to stem violence against Muslims. (Bunglawussi)

(Not that there ever was “violence against Muslims”. Neither was there a ‘backlash’ after jihadists blew up the trains in Madrid, killing 300. Or when they bombed subways and buses in Londonistan, killing 57 on 7/7.  Nobody spins it better than the Muzz…!)

What equality do you get when one man legislates over another? Is he not more superior than you? You are worshipping him by submitting to and obeying his laws… We will get oppression like this until we all submit to one law, and that is the law of God Allah…”

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Tim Blair suggests not to drink wine. That would have been provocative.

Telling the Truth is NOT Inciting “Hatred Against Muslims”

A BNP activist from Lancashire who wrote and distributed leaflets which blamed Muslims collectively for the heroin trade has been cleared of intending to incite religious hatred.  Fleetwood Weekly News


Muslims desperately in need of a “hate-crime”

“Racists” launched a vicious attack on a Muslim woman who was struck on the head and almost had her headscarf torn off. Express & Echo, 17 June 2010

OK State Rep And Fox News Host Agree: ‘Dangerous Fools’ Want To Impose Sharia Law In U.S. Courts


Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan (R) is worried that “dangerous fools in black robes” are going to impose sharia law on the U.S. court system.

Sharia law is sometimes used to justify cruel punishments like amputations, like stoning, as well as unequal treatment of women. And did you know it’s on its way to American courts?

Razi Hashmi, the executive director of CAIR-Oklahoma, has said the measure is “promoting division and bigotry instead of promoting unity and understanding of other faiths and cultures,” according to the Edmond Sun.

(Islam promotes  division and bigotry. We don’t need “More understanding of other faiths and cultures”, what we need is stiff resistance to Mohammedan advances)