Helen Thomas, fugly as uck: who knew a butt ugly exterior could harbor a vicious hideous soul?

Liberal Media Icon & Jew-Hater Helen Thomas Retires/Gateway

She hated Bush. She hated Reagan. She hated Jews. She was the toast of the Washington media elite and Hamas.  Now she’s gone.

Helen Thomas (May 27, 2010) RabbiLive
“Jews get the hell out of Palestine. Go back to Poland and Germany.”

Fugly updates:

When veteran journalist Helen Thomas made inflammatory remarks about Israel, the comments weren’t captured by a major news organization. Instead, a rabbi and his 17-year-old son broke the story

Look out for part 2, sez Rabbi, more coming: “Part 2 will be very interesting to watch,” he said, adding that Thomas is in it “100 percent” of the time. Honest Ibe, (Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR), sez she will be dearly missed: “she’s been a target of the pro-Israeli lobby for quite some time.”

4 al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists “martyred”, “large scale attack averted.”

They were training to be martyrs. Mission accomplished.

Israeli forces have killed four Palestinian divers that Israel says were heavily armed and preparing to carry out a terrorist attack. Later, Israel carried out an air strike in northern Gaza, hitting alleged militants who, it said, were preparing to fire a rocket into Israel.

IDF quick response team

Twenty illegal Palestinian houses demolished without protest

(by Hamas in Gaza)   More>>

‘Martyrdom is More Desirable than Reaching Gaza’

Five of the six ships in the Fedayeen Flotilla were boarded without incident. So, who was on the Mavi Marmara? (youtube video/RoP)

Asshole “F*ctivist” of the Month

Bloody Ken/Andrew Bolt

Four days after he was arrested by Israel on the Mavi Marmara, “Palestinian citizen” Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe arrives in Istanbul, head still proudly unwashed to better show the blood he claims was drawn by brutal Israelis. Pity his fellow passengers on the flight.

O’Keefe seems to have a thing for siding with terrorists and tyrants. Before he was a defender of Hamas, he was a human shield in Iraq, trying to save Saddam

Bloody Ken


Ken has a proud history of standing up against state terror. Here he explains why he was fired as a marine in the service of the Great Satan itself:

I’d had an altercation with my immediate superiors, having reported them for an abuse of power. It might seem quite trivial, but we were living on board a ship in the Mediterranean in summer and it was very hot.

My superiors had shut a passage so as to keep what little air conditioning there was in their area. They had no authority to do that, and it forced us in the lower ranks to go three times as far to get to routine areas.

The whole platoon was punished for what I did, and I had to look over my shoulder after that. A lot of marines would no doubt describe me a provocateur or a “bad apple” but to my mind I did the right thing.

Tim Blair:

Ken O’Keefe was among the comical human shield failures in Iraq seven years ago. He was aboard the Gaza peace fauxtilla, too. It’s just the same old crowd. Four days after the thriller on fauxtilla, O’Keefe turned up at Istanbul airport – not looking too bad, except for all the dramatic facial blood he’s been unable to remove. C’mon, Ken. No chance for a shower in four whole days? Couldn’t wash your face once during the flight to Turkey? Not even to tidy up just a little bit? Well, he’s got bigger problems to deal with. The IDF is on to him. Good luck, bleedy Kenny.

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  1. What no water in the Israeli lockup?? No washroom on the plane?? No wash room at arrivals in Turkey’s airport??? Utter bullshit. This McGeogh guy is just a F _king liar.

    Considering the Giddins woman below, I cant understand why Mr Smith has not canceled the passports of the Sri Lankan student and the 2 simpleton Aussie girls by now!

    Likewise reporters who twist the truth, fueling protest mobs in the streets of Australian have theirs canceled as well.

    Ms Giddins has been held by security authorities (in Yemen) since May 16, about a month after Mr Smith canceled her passport.

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