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Islam in Europe

Sweden: Refugees Should Earn Their Living

In a dramatic change of policy the Swedish government is planning to allow refugees to be gainfully employed from the day of arrival. The labour market has been closed to asylum seekers for the first few months and refugees have been relying on social handouts for their living expenses.

So why the sudden U-turn in migration and labour policy? Azariah Kiros also wondered and caught up with Migration Minister Tobias Billström aboard a train.

Belgium: No to the Freedom Sack!

A Belgian high school on Tuesday sacked a Muslim maths teacher after she insisted she would continue to wear the burqa while taking classes.Read more »

Sweden/Switzerland: Difficulties in school for 2nd generation immigrants (UPDATE: Germany too)

Allah can’t defeat gravity or stupidity. Euro-dhimmies are unwilling to drop standards for headbangers…

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‘Immigrants are making our country dumber’: Anger as board member of Germany’s central bank cites ‘ample statistics’

SPIEGEL offers “Diversity training & interfaith dialogue”   as a cure from reality……

Politically incorrect truthteller Thilo Sarrazin warned ‘less educated’ immigrants are making Germany ‘dumber’

Fake Outrage:

A controversial board member of Bundesbank has come under fire for claiming immigrants are making Germany ‘dumber in a simple way’.

Thilo Sarrazin told a business group in Frankfurt that people arriving in the country from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa are less educated than those from other nations. The 65-year-old added: ‘There’s a difference in the reproduction of population groups with varying intelligence.’

Muslims: ‘It’s a slap in the face’

Better  a slap in the face than on a train to Auschwitz!

Dutch organizations standing up for the Muslim minority are full of disbelief about the PVV’s great victory.

How can anyone in his right mind resist the soldiers of Allah & the religion of peace?

“Today is a dramatic day for Moroccans in the Netherlands,” Farid Azarkan, chairman of the SMN (Dutch Moroccan Alliance) told    Read more »