11 thoughts on “We got mail! "shaglomati" hates sheik yer'mami”

  1. … and as usual, perfect grammar, syntax and punctuation. If these people aren’t the most … what was it again? Most greatest, that’s it, and most worthiest of f***@3££!!! respect in the whole world, I don’t know who is.

    Sheik, you must feel thoroughly castigated and not a little fucked. That’ll learn you!

  2. Hey Michel…fukkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuu tooooo!

    If you knew anything about the religious “pagan moon god “cult you belong to you would be ashamed of yourself for having believed in such garbage.
    Allah was only the male counterpart of a number of gods and godesses.
    Mohammad, in his effort to convert the Quraysh tried to retain Allah, the male figure. But he made damned sure he got rid of Illa, and all the rest. Why do you suppose he kept the male figure? Mohammad was a queer. He hated women with a passion. He only abused them by beating them and raping them. This legacy he has passed on to cussessive generations. How could anyone look up to a human animal like Mohammad? You oughta know!

  3. Actually, I’m reassured when I get hate mail. It shows that my message is getting out and I’m not just preaching to the choir!

    But I don’t answer it, because there’s no sense in engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

  4. Shaglomati’s semi-literate rant is pretty typical of Muhammadan responses to criticism: no engagement with the argument, just a petulant string of abuse. Keep up the good work Sheik. You’ve got him nettled.

    1389 AD, you’re right: hate mail shows that you’re hitting home with your message. For some reason, I seem to get most of this sort of stuff posted in relation to my support for the KFC boycott in the UK owing to its introduction of halal outlets. It seems that Muslims randomly land on my blog when searching for a local halal eaterie and then launch into full screaming abuse mode. However, I do also occasionally get one of those oleaginous messages prefixed with the term of endearment “my friend” which indicates that the writer is intent upon performing da’wah. These ramble on about the wonders and ‘beauties’ of Allah’s religion (yawn) and sundry associated nonsense.

  5. Awww Shaglomati loves you really. It’s just that peculiar islamic way of expressing it. Underneath all that brainwashing, there’s a normal person just screaming to get out! 🙂

  6. He took the name of Michel. No wonder he is an Algerian boy crying for attention for his “father” Napoleon V (1830) who gave his ancestors a chance to live and modernized Algeria from the backwardness, charlatanism and utter poverty and fifth created by the Ottoman masters who by the way were muslim masters. Go figure the denial….

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