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A Mormon Dilemma: is there something like consensual rape?

Commie vs Commie:

Hugo Sings About His Dislike for Hillary

Too dumb to be a terrorist: Mother of accused Jersey jihadist: My son is stupid, but he’s no terrorist

Mahmood Alessa with his cat Captain Tuna:

He liked cats, he can’t be a terrorist!

Just a normal jihadi wannabe with a cat. So moving, His mom gave the picture to the NYTimes, you know, to show a softer side of him. He wanted to take his cat to Egypt but his parents sent him with candy instead. You know the rest of the story. Jawa Report


Seduced by a cow!

“She called my name and seduced me, so I had sex with her,” the man told the newspaper.

O.J. Simpson plays the race card too:

Racial makeup of jury, behavior of judge questioned in O.J. Simpson appeal of Vegas heist conviction.

Whitey cannot judge a black man, what’s the world coming to!

Nevada law doesn’t let people commit felonies to recover their own property, and he dismissed assertions that a plan for one of Simpson’s friends to pose as a collectibles buyer before Simpson and others burst into the room to confront the two collectibles dealers was an innocent escapade.

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  1. ‘Too dumb to be a terrorist’

    As if it takes a lot of brain power to hate, torture and kill. (roll eyes) It is the reason why so few nobel prize winners come from islamic backgrounds.

    If anyone buys that mother’s whining – then they are the fool. But there is a left wing idiot at every corner these days.

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