What Israel doesn't need

Yasser Arafat quotes

“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. . . . We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”

“Peace for us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations.”

Act of war: Iranian “aid” ships head for Gaza

Iran has repeatedly made known its genocidal intentions toward Israel. Yet if Israel stops these ships, the international condemnations will rain down upon…guess who.

Nonetheless, Israel must defend itself against the global jihad, and all free people should be standing with Israel now.

“Iranian aid ships head for Gaza,” by Robin Pomeroy for Reuters, June 14 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Jewicidal Fruitcakes:

A group of German Jews has stepped up efforts to send a humanitarian mission to the Gaza Strip in defiance of the Israeli sea blockade. Increasingly, it looks as though the group will have plenty of competition. The waters off Gaza promise to be busy this summer.  SPIEGEL

Flotilla Sickness and the ‘Progressive’ Mind

We have endured the fabricated claims of Israeli massacres in Jenin, the 2006 Lebanon war and Cast Lead; the charge that Israel is an ‘apartheid’ state, that it has committed genocide, ethnic cleansing and is starving the people of Gaza; that it is the aggressor in the Middle East.

How is it possible that so many believe all these lies? How can so many Jews believe them?

From Melanie Phillips/via American Power

Fatah students (Hebron)

Humanitarian Aid Ship? Nope, Jihad Ship: No Aid for Gazans on the Mavi Marmara

Germany’s Channel One news conducted the kind of good investigating reporting that should be seen in the English-speaking world. The program, “Questionable Peace Mission,” asked why German leftists were in the same boat—literally–as Turkish Islamists and right-wing extremists. Here is the program in the original German and with English and Frenchsubtitles.

The three German leftist activists interviewed claimed all participants were from humanitarian organizations and talked about all the fun they’d had. They had no interest in knowing that they were being used. More from Rubin Reports

UN speeding up efforts to remove Taliban leaders from terror blacklist

It makes sense. After all, there is no war on terror anymore, so why should there be terrorists?

“United Nations Could Hasten Removal of Taliban Leaders From Terror Blacklist,” by Rod Nordland for the New York Times, June 12 (JW)

Israel’s Barak calls off Paris trip as pro-jihad groups threatened to have him arrested there for his role in Jihad Flotilla

The Jihad Flotilla, although amply exposed as a piece of jihadist provocation and not a “humanitarian” mission at all, continues to be used by Palestinian jihadists and their allies to try to stoke international outrage against Israel. The threatened arrest of Ehud Barak, like the earlier threatened arrest of Tzipi Livni, is the same motion on a grand scale as the suspension of the SIOA, FDI, and Atlas Shrugs Paypal accounts is on a small scale: an attempt to criminalize a political point of view, ruling it outside the bounds of polite society.

These attempts may well succeed in the short run, as the world seems to be zooming toward another bloody round of boot-on-the-face totalitarianism, and such periods always begin with the criminalization of the loyal opposition.

In any case, the worst part of this story is that Barak found the arrest threat credible enough to cause him to cancel his trip. In other words, he found it quite possible that the Eurabian dhimmi French authorities would indeed allow him to be arrested, if not arrest him themselves.

Israel’s Barak calls off Paris visit amid threats,” from AP,

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  1. *We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations.

    Really? The impression I get is that it will be over very quickly – the long part will be the 7 years the Jews spend disposing of the bodies & weapons.

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