Catmeat Sheik Al Hilali Incites Sydney Mobs Against Israel

Which side are you on?

Andrew Bolt:

My worst critics convince me on which side I must stand

Check the video here of “Australian” protesters in Sydney and ask again which side you want to be on:

Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, from Lakemba mosque, addressed the protest, calling Israel a terrorist state. He held up a Turkish flag, chanting ‘’Turkey is coming’’…

That’s the anti-Semitic hate-preacher and former Mufti of Australia that Paul Keating made sure wasn’t thrown out from this country.

And if the hate doesn’t repell you, check out the stupidity at :50:

On behalf of Greece, viva Israel. Er, sorry, viva Palestine.

Hilaly leads the chants:

Down, down Israel!

This Hezbollah supporter was allowed by Labor to stay here to spread his hatred. He remains the most prominent sheik of Australia’s biggest mosque.

Watch Hilali warn Israel that “Turkey is coming”, and know his mosque is a centre of radicalism in Australia.

As usual:  totally “out of context”….

Personal observations:

Marxists’ vocabulary is as limited as their intelligence.

7 thoughts on “Catmeat Sheik Al Hilali Incites Sydney Mobs Against Israel”

  1. It wont be long before the ‘young “angry” men’ start trashing Australian streets and property!
    Just watch the POLICE trample them down.
    Then WE WILL BE PART OF THE GLOBAL JIHAD instead of being safely out of the way.

    Bring on the CRUSADES!!!!!!!!!


  2. * [catmeat] held up a Turkish flag, chanting ‘’Turkey is coming’’…

    catmeat agrees with the prophet Ezekiel – Turkey will indeed come against Israel, to its doom.

  3. * “Turkey is coming”

    And Iran (aka Persia) with it – Iranian “students”, at least:

    [TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian students from different universities in Tehran will be dispatched to Gaza Strip following Zionist regime’s atrocity in attacking on Gaza-bound aid convoy.

    The students held a gathering at Imam Khomeini International airport in Tehran Tuesday night chanting “Down with the US”, “Down with Israel”, “Any Muslim’s Silence is Disloyalty to Holy Quran” and “We Call for Security Council’s Urgent Meeting.” ]

    [They also said the incident is a test for Islamic countries to wipe out the regime. ]

    From memory, it was Iranian “students” that invaded the US Embassy & took hostages about 30 years ago.

  4. Catmeats only pissin the pot, small timer, the old bummi double talking Jew hater of KL himself is helping to crew and send the next boat.
    Must a change from setting up sodomy cases.

    these are clipped from the link below.

    — message from Christopher Chang and Ram Kardigasu, on behalf of the Malaysian and Irish peace activists, who are on board the Rachel Corrie:

    –The Rachel Corrie MV is in part supported by the Perdana Global Peace Organization under the helm of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

  5. I’m sure HREOC has preferred charges against catmeat for hate speech and incitement ….. 🙂

  6. I am so sick of these people. Look at how they kill each other, Sunni, Shiite, Kurds and others, suicide bombers, honor killings.
    You want to meet you maker so bad as a Martyr, so why do you care that they got killed, they became a Martyr and now have their 72 virgins{sic).
    All the western idiots don’t seem to get it, that their turn will be coming, that they will try to make you become part of Islam.
    Not over my dead body.
    What the hell is wronbg with the softy leaders of the Western world.
    Come up for your people who don’t want is in their country.
    Islamists, stay in your own ,if that’s the way you want to live your life.
    We don’t want top change our way of life for you.
    2 Years in an Islam nation was enough for me.

  7. Keep your chin up Maria … things are changing and islam is marching to its destruction.

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