Wrong Mohammed, Wrong Aisha, Wrong House ….

On the other hand, nothing happens against the will of Allah. Allah wanted them dead, and that’s it. No outrage, not a beep from the religion of peace. But imagine for one moment if white Brits from the BNP had firebombed them! Blackburn would be on fire:

UK: Innocent couple dies in house fire in botched honor killing

The honor murderers got the wrong house. In any case, here is yet more evidence of the broad tolerance for honor murders in Islamic communities in the West. “Innocent couple died ‘after wrong house was fire-bombed in bungled honour killing,’” from the Daily Mail, June 29 (thanks to JW):

An innocent couple died in a house fire at the hands of assailants who got the wrong address in a botched honour killing, a court heard today.Abdullah Mohammed, 41, and his wife, Aysha Mohammed, 39, were overcome by smoke and fumes after an accelerant was poured through their letterbox and set alight.

Their killers were ordered by another man to avenge his family’s honour but instead of firebombing 135 London Road in Blackburn, Lancashire, they started the blaze at 175 London Road, the court heard.

Mr Mohammed was found unconscious in his bedroom along with his wife and two of their three children in the early hours of October 21 last year.

He died the same night while his wife died a week later. Their 14-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son survived.

Opening the case at Preston Crown Court, Brian Cummings QC said: ‘The prosecution allege that Sadik Miah, Mohammed Miah (no relation) and Habib Iqbal were directly responsible for starting the fire that night and the prosecution further allege that these three were acting on behalf of Hisamuddin Ibrahim who had effectively put them up to it.

‘The prosecution say, on behalf of his family, Hisamuddin Ibrahim wanted to kill a man by the name of Mo Ibrahim (no relation) to punish him for damaging the family’s honour for having an affair with his married sister, Hafija Gordi.’…

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

Leaving aside the vast sums expended on monitoring mosques, including the paying of informants (quite a neat little jobs program, for Muslims all over the Western world), and on watching known sympathizers with terrorism, whose numbers grow every day, and then at times interrupting a plot still being planned, or finding those responsible for a plot carried out, and leaving aside the vast sums expended for heightened security, because of a heightened Muslim presence, at airports and on planes, at train stations and on trains, at bus stations and on buses, at government buildings, at churches and synagogues, at Christian and Jewish day-schools, at monuments important to the Infidels of the Infidel nation-state but of no interest save possibly as targets for attack, to Muslims — leaving aside all that, what is the cost for such examples of Muslim murder and mayhem as that described in the article above?

And does the Western world, do Western taxpayers, have so much extra money that they can continue to afford to endure this, and even to make the matter still graver by allowing further Muslims to enter, and doing nothing — a thousand things could be done — to encourage Muslim out-migration back to Muslim countries, for those who come as “refugees” but carry Islam with them are not refugees at all, but more truly agents of the very thing that explains the condition of the countries they fled for Infidel nation-states. But unlike refugees from the Nazis or the Communists, who warned about, and repeatedly denounced, the ideologies of Nazism and Communism, and let us in on the secrets of their propagandistic appeals in the West, Muslims who leave Muslim countries because of Islam-caused conditions, do not warn us about, do not denouce, Islam, but are bearers and disseminators of, the very thing that they do no realize expalins the conditions of those Muslim polities and peoples that, in wanting so desperately to come, by hook and by crook, to the waiting West, they clearly could not stand, but are unable to recognize the cause of their own misfortune — Islam itself.

“Ten thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire…” the Beatles

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  1. * instead of firebombing 135 London Road in Blackburn, Lancashire, they started the blaze at 175 London Road

    Missed it by [that much]!

  2. Not relevant but when I looked at the 2008 electoral register for London Road, I found 46 people named Patel (not in the same house), there are probably more, as many people are not listed now on the public register. I always thought that Smith was the most common English Surname.

  3. I just looked at the map of London Road – the whole area is enriched with mosques, halal butchers, immigration services … the rotting husk of once Great Britain.

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