Abu Hamza & Son in the News

Bleeding Hearts or Arab Threats?

Who is preventing the extradition of this notorious terrorist PoS  to the U.S? So far Hamza’s case has already cost the public purse £1.1million in legal aid, but it will now rumble on for many more months.

Eurodhimmis halt extradition of bloodthirsty jihadist to U.S. because long jail term might violate his human rights

You can listen to the song ‘Abu Hamza’ here

“Abu Hamza is serving a seven-year sentence in Britain for inciting his followers to kill nonbelievers and has been indicted in the U.S. on 11 charges related to the planned development of the Bly [Oregon] site and for sending cash and volunteers to support al-Qaida and the Taliban.” – Seattle Times, April 2009. What about the human rights of his intended victims?

“European human rights court halts extradition of race-hate preacher Abu Hamza to U.S.,” by Jack Doyle for the Daily Mail, via JW>>>>

Meanwhile, one of his sons, Yasser Kamel, also enjoys  the halal food menu’s and the toilets facing Mecca in once great Britain’s prisons:

Abu Hamza’s son Yasser Kamel jailed for attacking police at London …

The son of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been locked up for attacking police during anti-Israel riots in London.

Yasser Kamel, 20, was caught on camera lobbing sticks at police and wielding a stolen police riot shield during a demonstration against Gaza sanctions outside the Israeli embassy.

Wearing a scarf to disguise his face, the student was at the frontline when hundreds of protesters caused £50,000 of damage to shops and cafes last year.    Read more: dailymail.

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  1. Actually, can we get a list of names of the fuckwits who serve on the European human rights commission so that we can shun the morons. in public?
    These jerks contribute so little to Europe that it is about time that the Europeans started asking their governments to kill all financial support to these overfed public parasites.

  2. The UK has been “hijacked” by a bunch of misunderstanders of democracy and responsible government.

  3. If the Brits had any brains they’d deport each & every one before it’s too late, but alas, I fear they are simply TOO stupid.

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