At Last: "Cultural Awareness" Comes to UK Shopping Centre in the Form of Squat Toilets

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We’re coming to rule and to civilize you:

Different: A squat toilet, also known as a Nile Pan, like the ones which are being installed at the shopping centre

Middle Eastern-style ‘squat’ toilets are to be fitted in a shopping centre after bosses attended a cultural awareness course.

In other news:

“Muslims are not forcing schools to do anything” about Ramadan

(they don’t have to: the dhimmies  on the school boards have already surrendered: Council doesn’t ‘force’ schools to do anything about Ramadan from the Bunglawussi blog)

WCs at Rochdale’s Exchange shopping centre will include two Nile pans alongside traditional western toilets when they reopen following a refurbishment.

The pans differ from western toilets as the user is able to squat over them, rather than sitting.

They are preferred by some members of the Asian community for cultural reasons and were installed to give staff and customers the option of using them.

The decision to install pans in the ladies and gents toilets came about after centre management attended a cultural training course with community activist Ghulam Rasul Shahzad.

The retired Rochdale Council training officer runs courses for the police and other organisations about cultural understanding and community cohesion.

Mr Shahzad took the centre manager Lorenzo O’Reilly and his team on a tour around Central Mosque, including a look at its toilets, as part of the course.

He said: ‘The management at the centre were very committed to improving the service they offered to the community and were very responsive.

‘We always work together to understand each other from both sides and find a balance.

‘That is the beauty of Rochdale. That is why I am proud to be a Rochdalian.’

A spokeswoman for the centre said: ‘We regularly receive cultural awareness training from Ghulam and when we were planning the toilets this was something that cropped up.’

The toilets will open next Monday.

Nile Pan toilets can be bought from a limited number of UK plumbing retailers, priced about £200.

Rochdale hit the headlines during this year’s General Election campaign when pensioner Gillian Duffy was dismissed by Gordon Brown as a ‘bigoted woman’ when she voiced concern about immigration.

Government research last year showed more than a quarter of primary school pupils in Rochdale spoke English as a foreign language – and named one school, Heybrook Primary, where every single one of the 453 pupils spoke English as a second language.

The town’s council recently produced a special ‘Black and Minority Ethnic’ housing strategy for the town ‘in recognition of the increasing ethnic diversity in Rochdale’ and the minorities’ ‘level of housing need’.

In the aftermath of the 2001 Oldham race riots, Rochdale was placed on an ‘at risk’ list by the Home Office whichwas monitoring possible spread of such violence.

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  1. Muslims are not members of the Rochdate community – they are invaders. The PC morons should hang their heads in shame. If you are not willing to stand up to basic hygene requirements you will not stand up for anything of value!!! What is the UK becoming – a cesspitt for self loathing left wing moonbats intent on obliterating the culture and heritage of the British people. F___ W____s!!!!

  2. Never having visited England I cannot comment on their public rest rooms but I did visit Germany several years ago and was taken back at what I saw in one public lavatory. In place of the the traditional wall mounted urinals there was a long tiled wall with a single drain troth in the floor. Men stood next to each other before the wall and urinated against the tile. There was no water rinse to flush away the urine and the smell was obvious. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. They’re coming to take me away, haha …

    Do they have a pebble dispenser, & face away from Macca’s?
    Rub hands under outlet to hear muezzin wail.

  4. Different strokes maybe, but we should not be giving these folks free reign with regards to subsuming our culture into theirs! They can learn to do as the natives do.

    Amusing concept mullah – lift the toilet seat to heat the muezzin wail.

  5. An important point here is that mohammedans have almost certainly squirmed their way into the council en-masse. So people – be very concerned about the composition of your city council. It is the easiest route available for these mohammedan monsters to abuse power to benefit muslim scum above others.
    It is YOUR responsiblilty – deny mohammedans access to political power at every level. What we are seeing here are the clear hall marks of a carefully though and executed invasion – and this invasion needs to be halted now.

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