Australia Needs a Cultural Enrichment Prevention Program

Why import enemies of democracy?

A few shipments back of rejected boat people before the election ought to do it, Labor figures:

HUNDREDS of Afghan and Sri Lankan welfare-seekers are likely to be sent home under Julia Gillard’s tough policy agenda to deter boatpeople. Gillard flirts with sending them back/Andrew Bolt

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With Ms Gillard nominating tackling the asylum-welfare seeker issue as her next priority in the lead up to the poll, another new boatload of asylum seekers reached Christmas Island last night. Locals reported the boat sailed into their harbour with no sign of any naval interception.

Authorities confirmed the boat, pictured below, contained 34 people from Afghanistan, with two Indonesian crew.

Spokesperson for bleeding hearts Julian Burnside insists that we  are “rednecks” if we don’t take people in like Mr Khafaji :

Originally from Iraq but living most of his life in Syria, Mr Khafaji came to Australia by boat from Indonesia in 1999.

Was he not safe in Syria and Indonesia?


Why have they come to such an unclean country, and why did we import people with no loyalty to the fundamental institutions of our democratic society?

LEADERS of the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called on Australian Muslims to spurn secular democracy and Western notions of moderate Islam and join the struggle for a transnational Islamic state.

British Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Burhan Hanif told participants at a conference in western Sydney yesterday that democracy is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims, whose political engagement should be be based purely on Islamic law.

“We must adhere to Islam and Islam alone,” Mr Hanif told about 500 participants attending the convention in Lidcombe.

If this is the true teaching of Islam, as these people say, what does this say about the wisdom of importing more followers of such an unassimilating faith?


Why import enemies of democracy?

Andrew Bolt

Why do we tolerate a movement which seems, at best, unwilling to condemn the killing of our soldiers overseas?

(Hizb ut-Tahrir ) claims to be “avowedly nonviolent” and does not condone terrorist acts aimed at civilians such as the 9/11 attacks or the Bali bombings. “Islam does not allow the targeting of innocent people, anyone not involved in war is beyond the bounds,” (spokesman Uthman) Badar says… But its vow of nonviolence does not apply to Israel, Afghanistan or Iraq.

“When we talk about the question of violence, we mean in regard to the establishment of an Islamic state; it’s not a case of we’re against violence, full stop,” Badar says. “When it comes to Israel, it’s a completely different issue.”

He says Israel has to be removed militarily and HT supports any and all attempts to do so. As to whether this includes suicide bombing, Badar says Islamic jurists have differing opinions…

The same applies to the war in Afghanistan, which HT sees as illegitimate. Asked whether the obligation to fight the invaders includes killing Australian troops, Badar answers, “No comment”, then adds: “I don’t want them killed, I want them home.”

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  1. I am not the first to say this but………………………most of our leaders should be gaoled for treason. They are not doing the will of the people, and they are putting their entire country into the hand of an enemy power. This would be a hanging offence in most countries. So what about it Ms Gillard? Is it going to be Gillard to the Chooping block? It would definitely be a beheading offence or a hanging offence in all Islamic countries. Off with their heads says the Queen of Hearts. Listen up or shut up.

  2. Treason indeed!

    But they’re going to play the boat people card to avoid the facing up to islam problem.

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