6 thoughts on “Ayaan DownUnder”

  1. Why have her on Lateline?
    She should be on Primetime TV.
    There is a fatwa on this lady’s head. She is taking great risks to travel the world speaking out against Islamic sharia. She should be granted the speaking engagements that mass media should be clamouring over for ratings heights.
    I would love to know how many tuned into this interview in Australia.

  2. Centrelink jizyah not enough for Iraqi “refugee” – attacked two Melbourne women becuse he couldn’t survive on benefits. Bailed because large family in Melbourne would support him …


    AN Iraqi refugee accused of attacking two women in their homes because he couldn’t survive on Centrelink benefits was freed from custody yesterday.

  3. Because he is a Muslim Kaw, our brilliant leaders are so afraid of them and so they should be. They know the capability of these rogues and tyrants and they will put off confronting what eventually must be confronted by the every day citizen in due course. Our leaders are gutless and would rather protect their fat pay outs on leaving their jobs and leaving us to clean up what they should have done. They commit treason against us, and they should be shot for their treachery. It will happen.

  4. Isn’t it a great shame that this good lady often comes in for criticism from people WHO SHE IS TRYING TO HELP .
    She’s trying to tell us all about the danger muslims bring to the world
    and she puts her life in danger doing so .
    Good luck to you , lady – to Mr. Wilders and all your ilk .

  5. Actually, the folks in Adelaide really have to take this to task. The muslim should be deported – it is completely unacceptable that it is allowed to remain effectively free. The magistrate involved should be jailed, or at a minimum removed from its position.

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