Behind Enemy Lines: The Soldiers of Allah Among US

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Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America forbids Muslims to aid American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Of course.  For to do so would be “helping others in sin and transgression.”

“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.*

“God is our purpose, the Prophet our leader, the Qur’an our constitution, Jihad our way and dying for God’s cause our supreme objective. Different factions of the Muslim Brotherhood believe that an Islamic society can be achieved by violent means in the near term, or by education and “preparation” of society and “democratic” takeover.

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America says on its website: “AMJA recognizes that human brotherhood is the basic principle that should govern the relations between all peoples and nations. Therefore, the pursuit of peace and goodwill between all nations should be a desirable objective for all members of the human family. In this light, AMJA rejects any ideology or effort that aims to put the United States of America and Islam in conflict.” Apparently it intends to achieve this goal by making sure that U.S. troops cannot achieve anything in Islamic countries.

Expect Honest Ibe Hooper of CAIR to issue a thundering denunciation of this forthwith. Honest Ibe?

“US Muslim jurists forbid aid to aggressive troops,” from Iran’s Ahlul Bayt News Agency, via JW

Mohyeldeen Mohammed

Norwegian Muslim praises Afghan killings

The Foreigner

Mohyeldeen Mohammed, the outspoken Muslim, is in the news again. Reports from VG indicate he’s praised Allah in an open statement on his Facebook page for Sunday’s roadside bomb that killed four Norwegian soldiers.

At war

The controversial (what a dumb word, that “controversial”) 24-year-old from Iraq has previously advocated stoning homosexuals to death, and has warned of terrorist reprisals on Norwegian soil at a demonstration in Oslo in the wake of Dagbladet’s publishing of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon.

“These monsters aren’t soldiers, as Western Freemasonic media portrays them. Therefore, I wish death and misery upon ever single Norwegian, or other Western terrorist assailants, who travel to our countries and partake in an illegal occupation of and aggression against one of the world’s poorest countries,” writes Mohammed.

Arfan Qadir Bhatti agrees. Bhatti has recently been acquitted of charges of planning a paramilitary attack on the US and Israeli Embassies in Norway.

“Norwegian soldiers are terrorists and must expect to be assassinated. They’re at war and have probably killed civilians,” he says.


Several organisations and other Muslims have distanced themselves from Mohammed’s contentious remarks, calling them “tasteless”, and “sad”.

“It’s one thing disagreeing with Norwegian soldiers’ engagement in Afghanistan, but it’s quite different when you celebrate another person’s death,” says Norwegian convert Yousef Assidiq, who initiated February’s demonstration.

Tina Kornmo of the pro-integration network LIM (Likestilling, Integrering, Mangfold) says Mohammed is a lone wolf, and fears his comments could increase desegregation.

“I believe most Norwegian Muslims grieve for the loss of four of their countrymen. It will be very sad if his comments fuel an increased view by ethnic Norwegians that we’re bigoted and not part of society,” she says.

Afghan roadside bomb kills four norwegians

Innocent couple died ‘after wrong house was fire-bombed in bungled honour killing’

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  1. They gave everything

    One of the best

    Commander Trond Bolle, honored by the the highest award given to any Norwegian soldier since WWII. Likely to receive the very highest honor award, post mortem. Bolle is highly regarded by the legendary Gunnar “The Chin” Sønsteby, key person at the sabotage actions against the nazis in Norway, and awarded the British Distinguished Service Order.

    Last year Bolle was also the key factor to the success at the rescue operation bringing to Norway, the two Norwegian Moroccan children, being kidnapped and held hostage in Morocco at their father’s house, the Olympic Champion, Khalid Skah, who had threatened to kill from time to time, the mother, his two children, and even the Norwegian ambassador in Morocco. His motif: To keep the children in Morocco, being the (muslim) sole owner of the children.

    Portraits of the four

    Rest in peace
    Thank you for what you gave, for us

  2. Just on the side….

    One of the ABBA girls, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, was born in Ballangen.

  3. ‘Behind Enemy Lines: The Soldiers of Allah Among US
    by sheikyermami on July 1, 2010’

    Of course! Blame da media! They have to blame someone. But why at this time and what prompted this story, I have no idea. Maybe, they are aluding to yet to be revealed plans to muzzle our so called MSM. Little do they know that ‘our MSM’ doesn’t need muzzling. Self paralysis is their current disease!
    A very shallow article from Adele. Very little detail to reference back to her sources.

    Muslims happy to be here ADELE HORIN
    July 12, 2010

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