Big Shiite Kicks The Bucket, CNN Mourns

Heartbreak @ CNN, Caliphate News Networx

Atlas Shrugs:

CNN’s Octavia Nasr  Weeps for Jihadist Hezb’Allah Grand Ayatollah

CNN’s Hezballa Cheerleader

CNN is full of ’em. Totally infiltrated…..

Octavia Nasr’s position at CNN has been fatally compromised. CNN cannot continue to employ an apparent Hezbollah agent in such a senior post. Please send your considered comments to CNN calling on the news organization to take the appropriate action –

The Death of Maliki’s (Our Iraqi Ally’s) “Religious Guide Until the Last Days of His [Fadlallah’s] Life”

Andrew Bostom

Death of his (taller guy on the right next to Ahmadinejad) “Religious Guide” (turbaned pacific cleric amongst other Religion of Peace, Shiite division, votaries in hoary days of yore) As the AP report, “Lebanon’s top Shi’ite cleric Fadlallah dies at 75” notes, prominently: “Among his followers are many of Iraq’s Shiite leaders, including al-Maliki. In Iraq,    (Read the full article)

Grieving halal butchers: Followers of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah cry in a mosque in Beirut July 4, 2010. Lebanon’s Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein… Read more » heartbreak pic’s

“Don’t be fooled” by tributes to “moderate” Hizballah cleric

Since his death, Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah has been hailed as a “merciful father” by Hassan Nasrallah, and in the West as a “moderate” Muslim, largely for having expressed disapproval of the 9/11 attacks. But there is much more to Fadlallah’s story that has been so quickly forgotten.

“Sheikh Fadlallah was the terrorist mastermind behind the Lebanon hostage crisis,” by Con Coughlin for the Telegraph,

For once, the New York Times gets it right:

Obama went along with 189 countries urging Israel to sign the the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, saying nothing about Iran –  for once, the New York Times takes note

Our Ancestors knew about Islam:

A great and famous Christian theologian (famous in the Orthodox church, that is), Gregory Palamas of the 14th century, had had years of experience with the “Turks” — i.e., Mohammedans — (including having been captured and imprisoned by them for a time) and wrote about them:

…these impious people, hated by God and infamous, boast of having got the better of the Romans by their love of God… they live by the bow, the sword, and debauchery, finding pleasure in taking slaves, devoting themselves to murder, pillage, spoil… and not only do they commit these crimes, but even — what an aberration — they believe that God approves of them.

— quoted in The Oxford History of the Crusades, by Jonathan Riley-Smith, p. 251.

UN blames Israel: Hizballah Re-arming in Lebanon

Remember: it was the UN who was to prevent it from happening….

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Friday that an increase in tensions between Lebanon and Israel could lead to a new conflict with potentially devastating consequences. Un-Dhimmi has more