Australia: 'Caring, Compassionate' Lunatics Attack Anti-Immigration Activists

Andrew Bolt

Liberals should ask for asylum themselves

Some of the most conspicuously compassionate people do have an unfortunate tendency to use violence to underline how compassionate they really are:

South Australian Liberal candidate for Hindmarsh Jassmine Wood has told ABC Online she was handing out flyers outside a supermarket in the seat when she was approached by a man who disagreed with her party’s border protection policies.

“My poor volunteer, who was on his first day of the campaign trail, got punched in the face many times,” she told the ABC.

“I got hit in the side of the head.

“My campaign volunteer was actually down on the ground with somebody sitting on his chest really hitting him in the face.

The man’s friend joined in, hitting my volunteer. They had an issue with the Liberal Party’s stance on border protection and immigration.


Ms Wood said the men – aged in their 40s – screamed abuse about the Liberals’ policy on asylum seekers before allegedly physically assaulting her and Mr Robb.

In an odd twist, the two men accused of assault rang the police to complain about being assaulted. Ms Wood, her staff, and on-lookers also called police, who have interviewed the parties but not laid charges.

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